Feng Shui Five-Emperor Coins

Five-Emperor Coins are the most common Feng Shui mascot. Five emperors refer to the most powerful emperors in ancient China, namely Shunzhi (順治), Kangxi (康熙), Yongzheng (雍正), Qianlong (乾隆) and Jiaqing (嘉庆). During their reign, China was prosperous, and people lived and worked in peace. The coins during their reign were well made and circulated for a long time.

It is believed that these coins can protect houses, ward off evil spirits and absorb wealth. 

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Feng Shui functions of Five-Emperor Coins

Five Emperor CoinsThe Feng Shui functions of Five-Emperor Coins mainly include:
1. Improve luck: wear a string of Five-Emperor Coins can greatly improve your luck;
2. Improve family fortune: put a string of Five-Emperor Coins in living room, office, shrine or other places to pursue good fortune and avoid disaster;
3. Bring in wealth: place a string in the wealth corner, vault or safe;
4. Protect you and keep you safe: Five-Emperor Coins are auspicious items. You can put a string in vehicles such as car and ship to decorate and keep you safe.
5. Exorcise evil spirits and ward off calamities: Five-Emperor Coins can be hung on the bag or carried along to ward off evil spirits. If you clash with Tai Sui - Grand Duke Jupiter, you may use it to exorcise evil spirits.
6. Exorcise Five Yellow: every year, Five Yellow flies to a different direction. You may hang a string of Five-Emperor Coins in the direction of Five Yellow to exorcise the evil spirits it brings in.
7. Defuse Tai Sui direction: the direction of Tai Sui varies every year. The Chinese saying "don't move earth on Tai Sui's head", which means "don't beard the lion in his den", is derived from this. You can hang a string of Five-Emperor Coins in the Tai Sui direction of your home to defuse the effect.
8. Bring good luck in gambling: those who often gamble can wear a string of Five-Emperor Coins for better luck in gambling. This is mainly because the Five-Emperor Coins are good for wealth while gambling is an activity that requires both luck and technology
9. Protect house and ward off evil spirits:
A: The front door facing a lift, parking, road or downward/upward stairs is bad in Feng Shui. You may hang a string of Five-Emperor Coins at the entrance to dissolve it.
B: The front door facing downward stairs implies the failure in keeping wealth and can lead to financial losses. The front door facing upward stairs will affect health and make you prone to injury, in which case you may put a string of such coins at the entrance or porch to solve it.
C: If your door is facing the lift, it will lead to financial losses and compromise your family fortune. 
D: You can hang a string of Five-Emperor Coins at the entrance to exorcise the evil spirits.
E: It can be used to defuse evil spirits.
F: The house facing a vertical road can lead to injury, casualty, financial losses and lawsuits. In this case, a string of Five-Emperor Coins can be used to solve the problem. 
10. Good for health: copper coins are powerful in absorbing energy. Five-Emperor Coins on the bedside can increase Yang energy, which is good for your body. Those coins can prevent Yin energy from invading your body and making you sick and help you remain healthy and strong.

Usage & Placement

The placement of Five-Emperor Coins varies with functions, such as warding off evil spirits, worshipping and bringing in wealth. When praying for blessings, you can place it wherever you like, as "coin" is not a taboo for anything and anyone; hanging it in your car can keep you safe; placing it in the living room, office, shrine and somewhere else can help you pursue good fortune and avoid disaster, attract wealth and bring good luck to your family.
On your body: wearing a string of Five-Emperor Coins can bring you good luck in making money, accumulate a fortune and eliminate disaster.
On the door: a string of Five-Emperor Coins on the front door can eliminate evil spirits and attract wealth. Since the front door is the air intake of the house, a string of Five-Emperor Coins here can block off the evil spirits and attract wealth. If the internal doors are facing each other (especially bathroom and kitchen), you may hang a string on each door to dissolve and decorate.
In the car: a string of Five-Emperor Coins in your car can make the Feng Shui inside peaceful, which is good for your driving and can protect you away from evil spirits in driving.
On the bedside: Five-Emperor Coins are usually put on the left of the bed. In Feng Shui, the left side is Green Dragon which represents monarch. Therefore, the Five-Emperor Coins are put on the left side of the bed for the purposes of exorcising evil spirits and attracting wealth.
Under the pillow: a string of Five-Emperor Coins under the pillow can improve your mutual affection. Moreover, if you always have nightmares at night, it can play a certain effect of exorcism and protect you from being invaded during sleep.
In the bathroom: it can dissolve the foul inside.
Under the doormat: put a string of Five-Emperor Coins under the doormat can protect your home and draw money.
On the balcony and window: A temple, corner, electricity box, utility pole or iron tower outside your balcony or window can be bad in Feng Shui and a string of Five-Emperor Coins will be helpful to solve the problem.

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