Feng Shui Balcony

Balcony, as the Qi absorption place of your house, is the first defending line keeping evil spirits from entering your house. Since it is closest to nature, both auspicious and inauspicious Qi getting in and out here. In a house, the balcony is as important as eyes to you. Any house without balcony has a big drawback in Feng Shui and life. Therefore, the balcony Feng Shui is very important to you and your family and its direction, furnishings and layout affect your family's health and fortune.
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What are the best direction of balcony?

The balcony with good direction, ventilation and lighting, wide view and in best harmony with nature can make you feel comfortable and easy. Therefore, the direction of terrace is quite important. Generally, the south-facing and east-facing are best. As the Chinese saying goes, ''the Purple Air comes from the east''. Here, the ''Purple Air'' means the propitious omen. If it goes into your house through the east-facing balcony, your family will enjoy peace and prosperity. In the Northern Hemisphere, a south-facing terrace offers a comfortable living environment because the wind from south is warm, moist and intoxicating; the west-facing or north-facing balcony is not recommended because the north-facing will bring the cold wind from north while the west-facing cannot let in the sunshine unless in the afternoon or dissipate the hot air in the evening, which is bad for your health.

Which plants are suitable for balcony?

The balcony's position is key to Feng Shui. If there are ominous surroundings outside the balcony, you can drive away the evil spirits with some plants, especially those with thorns, such as cactus, rose and Chinese rose which can protect your house. Hylocereus, euphorbia and calabash are best good choices to drive away evil spirits and protect your house. If you want to make your family flourishing, you can choose some evergreen and vigorous plants, such as rohdea, sago cycas, kaffir lily, pachira and zamioculcas. You need to take care of your plants to prevent them from withering and clean the fallen leaves timely. Otherwise, you will get the adverse effect because the cleanliness of terrace is also key to the Feng Shui of balcony.

Tips for Good Feng Shui Balcony

Decorate the balcony with auspicious items.
If your balcony is in poor Feng Shui, you can drive away the evil spirits with a trigram mirror. In addition, you can place at least one statue of auspicious beast, such as Kirin, Pi Xiu and Lucky Dragon and drive away the evil spirits with their power.

Hang a curtain to prevent evil spirits from getting through.
Avoiding the head-on confrontation is an important concept in Feng Shui. If your balcony is facing the evil spirits directly and it is impossible to enclose the balcony or move away the evil spirits, you can hang a curtain to prevent the evil spirits from getting through.

The balcony shall be ventilated frequently.
In geomancy, balcony is a ''port of Qi absorption'' which ventilates and absorbs sunlight to make the house warm and sterilize. Long time no ventilation will make your house stuffy and moist and your furniture and walls may go mouldy. Keep your house well-ventilated to make it fresh and cool. You'd better open the balcony windows in the morning to make the house well-ventilated.

Do's and Don'ts for Balcony Layout

Do not raise animals on the veranda
Limited by the living space, many families would raise animals on the verandas. If you fail to clean away the animal excrements and bad smell timely, your family fortune will be affected directly.
Do not make your balcony in a jumble
Since your balcony serves as the air inlet of your house, it shall be unobstructed. If you pile up sundries and make it in a jumble, your luck in making money will be affected and the sundries will produce dust and accumulate bad luck.
No mirror please
It is improper to have a mirror on your balcony, which brings evil spirits to the people opposite and is not good for yourself. A mirror facing outside drives away both evil spirits and good luck. Only if there is an obvious evil spirit outside, can you place a mirror. Otherwise, it brings more harm than good to you.

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