Chinese Ten-Emperor Coins

Ten-Emperor Coins consist of the coins during the reign of Shunzhi (顺治), Kangxi (康熙), Yongzheng(雍正), Qianlong (乾隆), Jiaqing(嘉庆), Daoguang(道光), Xianfeng(咸丰), Tongzhi(同治), Guangxu(光绪) and Xuantong (宣统) ten emperors in Qing Dynasty. 

With the meaning of perfection, Ten-Emperor Coins can ward off evil spirits and bring in wealth.

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Functions of Ten-Emperor Coins

1. The copper coins belong to metal in Five Elements and copper is better than gold and silver in absorbing energy. Therefore, the copper Ten-Emperor Coins are excellent in warding off evil spirits. Wear a string of Ten-Emperor Coins, it can protect you from evil influence and exorcise the evil spirits.
2. Enhance fortune and wealth. Ten-Emperor Coins are round outside and square inside, representing round sky and square earth, and the power of reversing the course. Therefore, it can easily enhance your fortune.
3. Expel the villains and benefit career.

Placement of Ten-Emperor Coins

1. Under the doormat
If your front door is facing your neighbor's or a staircase, you may put Ten-Emperor Coins under the doormat to ward off evil spirits.
2. On the body or in the left drawer
To improve your fortune and wealth, prevent villains and benefit your career, you can take Ten-Emperor Coins with you or put them in the left drawer. Wear a string of Ten-Emperor Coins or put it in the wallet, you will have better luck. A string of Ten-Emperor Coins in the finance office or on the front desk can improve the luck in making money. Such a string in the left drawer of your desk can gather money and increase income. If you wear a string of Ten-Emperor Coins, it can bring you good luck for windfall.

3. A string of Ten-Emperor Coins on the wall can bring in wealth and blessing and ward off evil spirits.

4. In the case of sharp corner, recurve and opening, you can make the front of Ten-Emperor Coins face the sharp corner or bury the string in the threshold.
If there is an unfilled corner at home, you can just put a string above the corner. 

Placement Tips
1. Do not change the order of placement, or it cannot get the ideal effect;
2. Apart from other coins for exorcising evil spirits or bringing in wealth, it doesn't need to be blessed by an eminent monk;
3. Please keep it properly and make sure no one else can touch it, or the effect will be compromised.

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