How to Get Rid of Bad Luck with Feng Shui?

If you have been dogged by bad luck or often make mistakes in daily life, then it is very likely that something goes wrong with your surrounding Feng Shui. Maybe it is caused by the change of your living environment or the bad magnetic field around. At this time, you need to improve your luck with Feng Shui. 
Change Your Living Environment
A living environment of poor Feng Shui can be harmful to your body and mind, and lead to bad luck. In this case, you need to resolutely change your living environment. If your work is not going well, change the working environment, and if your life is dogged by bad luck, change the living environment. A new environment and atmosphere will bring you a totally different Qi field and new energy which can renew your vitality and help you embark on a new starting point. If it is impractical to have a new environment, just find ways to make changes to your working or living environment. For example, you can change a bedroom, reposition the bed, clean up the old stuff or change your orientation in a certain space.
Wear a Lucky Charm
The lucky charms in agate, amber, crystal or other materials rich in active mineral ions can fully activate the biomagnetic field in human body and become animistic thru the magnetic resonance. It is in this way that the lucky charms remove ill fortune and exorcise evil spirits for you. The best choice among those good luck charms is obsidian that can exhale the old and inhale the new to effectively eliminate the negative energy in your body. If you are unlucky, such a lucky charm can absorb and transform the negative energy to improve your luck and ability of defending against the evil spirits in an effective way. Buy a lucky charm from Your Chinese Astrology Store.
Neutralize the Magnetic Field
If you fail repeatedly in something, it means you are dogged by bad luck due to the weak positive magnetic field. In this case, the best solution is to seek cooperation with a powerful and lucky person in good faith. With the help of him/her, the magnetic field will be neutralized and you will become lucky and find it easier to succeed. This is called 'borrowing luck' in Chinese Feng Shui, which means to neutralize your bad luck with your friend's good luck.
Discard Unfavorable Stuff
If you put too many ornaments at home, they may produce the Qi field by five elements in conflict with the magnetic field of your body. You might as well clean up these items to change the environment and remove those with adverse effects to improve your luck.
Use Pi Xiu
You can put a Pi Xiu item at the wealth corner of your living room to get rid of the bad luck or keep the bad luck out of your door. Also, you may wear a Pi Xiu or hang Pi Xiu ornament in your car to enhance your Feng Shui energy. 
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Change Your Clothing, Hairstyle, Dressing and Living Habits
The clothing color is supposed to conform to your five elements, and it can be determined as per your Auspicious God. In fact, everything will go well if you often choose the right color and on the contrary you will come up against a great deal of resistance.
Improve Your Qi Field
In order to enhance your Qi field, you can travel to famous mountains and temples and absorb the positive five elements from these mountains and the auspicious air from those temples to neutralize your magnetic field. Or, you can visit or stay at a lucky relative or friend's house for a short period of time to neutralize the bad luck with his/her good one.
Consult a Feng Shui Master
For a serious Feng Shui problem, you need to consult a Feng Shui master to get to the root and fundamentally solve the problem, so that you can be blessed by the God of Wealth and get out of bad luck as early as possible!

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