How To Change My Luck


Hi I am a wood snake born on Feb 12, 1965.

Since 2014, my luck has been really bad. I was retrenched and have not been able to get a job for the past 2 years. I lost money in business ventures and also whenever I gamble.

How can I change my luck so that I can be successful in my career and become lucky in gaining wealth, either through hard work, investments or social gambling ?

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First, you should have confidence in your heart. Confidence is the premise of the success. Also, if you have spare time, go out more to do sports to relax the body and mind. More smile will also help you to change you more and increase your luck.

Avoid gambling. It's not a good way to make money. Gambling will bring about your ruin and sink you completely.

Monkey is the animal sign that good for your career. Better place a Monkey mascot in the northwest location of your house to help you increase your career fortune. The Ox, and Rooster signs are also good.

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