Door Facing Door Feng Shui and Remedies

The bad Feng Shui pattern of two opposite doors is very common in modern living environment. The pattern can be formed in your home or with your neighbor's front door. Then how to cure the Feng Shui pattern of facing doors?

Effect of Two Facing Gates (Front Doors)

It is common to see two facing gates in modern homes. According to Lu Ban's Classic, such a pattern is inauspicious for either you or your neighbor. Then, which one will suffer from it? In general: 

1. The family with smaller gate; 2. The family with smaller inner space; 3. The family with fewer members; and 4. The family with weaker Qi field, will suffer from it.

Feng Shui Cures for Facing Gates

Chinese people often hang a mirror or Bagua on the gate/front door, which yet is not the best cure because mirror and Bagua can balance the magnetic field indoor but do not work on the outdoor. A mirror or Bagua on the gate or front door may lead to the bad terms with your neighbor and cause conflicts. The cures are as follows:
1. A big Chinese character '福' on the door can cure the bad pattern of facing doors, especially if your neighbor has a beast head, mirror or other items harmful to your family.
2. If you have two doors facing each other at home or in your company, keep them closed or use curtains to slow down the airflow in and out and balance it.
3. If the gate of your company is opposite to that of another company, you may enlarge the gate or put an as large as possible bronze elephant outside the gate.
4. Hang a gourd on the door to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck to your family.
5. Five-emperor coin string is a Feng Shui item which can effectively cure the bad Feng Shui pattern of two doors facing each other. A string of five-emperor coins can be put under the threshold of the two doors.
6. Place a seven-star compass at the gate to stabilize your family fortune or Qi field.
7. Hang a Bagua mirror inside to further improve your luck and turn ill luck into good.
8. Put Pi Xiu, Kylin or other charms in your home.

Two Facing Doors Inside a House

1. The front and back doors of a house shall not face each other. Otherwise the airflow will take away your wealth and affect your family fortune.
2. The bathroom door shall not be opposite to the front door. Since the entrance door is the air inlet of your house, a bathroom door facing it will let in the bad air.
3. The kitchen door shall not face the bedroom door. The bedroom, a place for rest, is supposed to be peaceful and free from water, fire, etc. Water and fire are used every day in the kitchen, which not only pollute the air but also affect Feng Shui.
4. The bedroom door shall not face the front door. Since bedroom is a place for rest, it should be quiet and private. The front door where your family and friends come in and out can break the peace of bedroom and affect your health if it faces the bedroom.
5. The kitchen door and the bathroom door shall not be opposite to each other. The kitchen is a place for cooking food while the bathroom is full of stale air. The two facing each other can pollute the kitchen air, and even endanger the health of the hostess.
6. The storage door shall not face the bedroom door. The storage where sundries are piled up has bad air and it can lower the air quality of the bedroom if opposite to the bedroom.
If your home has two doors facing each other, you need to cure it as far as possible. Since the two doors inside are very close to each other, they can have a great force on Qi field and the impact on Feng Shui is not to be ignored.

Feng Shui Cures for Two Facing Doors Inside

Two doors facing each other in your home can easily bring you disputes and disasters, especially if your bedroom door is facing the bathroom. The bathroom/toilet is the place for excretion. Once it faces any door, you may suffer from bad luck and illness. The best way to cure this pattern is to change the location of the bathroom door. If unworkable, hang a curtain on the bedroom door or put some charms in the bedroom, such as Chinese knot and peony painting. Five-emperor coins, a kind of Feng Shui item which can bring in better luck for wealth and ward off evil spirits, are also an effective cure for this pattern. If there are two opposite doors in your home, you can put five-emperor coins under the two doors on the inside.

Feng Shui Cures for Room Door Facing Front Door

The best cure is to change the location of the door. If it does not work, you can put a screen in front of the room door. If the screen is not allowed by space, you may also hang a red curtain on the door.

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