Is a Mirror Facing Bathroom Door Bad Feng Shui?

According to Feng Shui (Chinese Geomancy), the bathroom is a place of filth. If the filth can be reflected through the mirror to the bedroom space, it will be easy to cause adverse effect on the health of the owner of the bedroom. In addition, when the bathroom door is open, the mirror will reflect many doors, and the mirror will face the bathroom door, reflecting the door, which will cause a clash with the door in terms of Feng Shui.
As the mirror is a relatively cold thing, the mirror shall not face the bathroom door. Since the mirror has spirit and each door has a door god, if the mirror is facing the door, it will scare away the door god who usually protects us. It is easy to have the Yin stuck in the room, and it will also make couples tend to split hairs when dealing with things. If it is serious, it may affect the relationship between husband and wife and cause discord in the family relationship, and it will also weaken the sexual function of men in the family, and women are likely to suffer from gynecological diseases. It may also affect the physical and mental health of the family. "

Solution to the Mirror Facing the Bathroom Door

1. Hang half a cloth curtain on the bathroom door at the appropriate height so as not to see the bathroom mirror.
2. Hang a long light-colored curtain outside the door, and then hang a string of five-emperor coins specifically to defuse the inauspicious effect of the mirror-door clash in Feng Shui, the height of five-emperor coins shall be the same height of the mirror. If space allows, some green potted plants can be placed outside the door.
3. Cover the mirror with a piece of cloth when the bathroom mirror is not in use.
4. There are washbasin and hanging cabinets with the function of blocking mirrors sold on the market. The hanging cabinet can be opened when in use and closed when not in use so that the mirrors will not face the bathroom door directly. If your washbasin and hanging cabinets can be replaced, it is recommended to purchase a replacement.
If it can be replaced, it is recommended to purchase a replacement.
5. The bathroom door should be closed when not in use.
6. If you have to install a mirror in that position, it is best to install an angled mirror. (The mirror is at a 30-degree angle to the wall, and the mirror is slightly bowed)

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