Feng Shui Remedies for Front Door

Feng Shui Cures for Front Door Facing Staircase

Downward Staircase outside Front Door
In modern buildings, it is common to see downward stairs right outside the front door and this Feng Shui pattern can lead to serious financial losses or consume your energy a lot. 
1. Install a three-inch threshold at the front door.
2. Place a screen behind the door.
3. Put a string of five, six or ten-emperor coins under your threshold or door mat.
4. Hang several Chinese knots above the entrance door, and 12 knots will work best.
5. Put a string of five-emperor coins on the lintel to ward off evil spirits.
6. Hang a concave Bagua mirror on the lintel to protect the energy from flowing away and make it easier to accumulate wealth.
Upward Staircase outside Front Door
This is a Feng Shui pattern with upward stairs right outside your front door. As the saying goes, door is the mouth while staircase the tongue. Therefore, the downward energy will directly enter your front door, which can break the balance of Qi and cause accidents to your family.
1. Arrange a porch to mitigate the downward energy. 
2. Place a screen between the entrance door and the staircase to lead the Qi into your house along the screen.
3. Place plants with broad leaves beside the two sides of the door.
4. Heighten the threshold as a buffer and prevent the evil spirits from directly entering the front door.

Two Doors Facing Each Other

Once the two doors face each other, especially if your front door faces your neighbor's, the Qi field of both families will be affected. Therefore, this is an inauspicious Feng Shui pattern harmful to both your neighbor and you. 
1. A big Chinese character '福' on the door can cure the bad pattern of facing doors, especially if your neighbor has a beast head, mirror or other items harmful to your family.
2. If you have two doors facing each other at home or in your company, keep them closed or use curtains to slow down the airflow in and out and balance it.
3. Five-emperor coin string is a Feng Shui item which can effectively cure the bad Feng Shui pattern of two doors facing each other. A string of five-emperor coins can be put under the threshold of the two doors. Click to get more Feng Shui Cures for Two Doors Facing Each Other

Front Door facing Lift Door

A lift facing your front door is just like a tiger opening its mouth to eat people. As the lift opens and closes, the balance of Qi field will be broken, leading to accidents or money losses.
1. Place a string of five, six or ten-emperor coins under your threshold or door mat inside the door.
2. Hang a Bagua mirror on the front door. The Bagua mirror is powerful in warding off evil spirits and it can reflect back the adverse effects on your family and keep the evil spirits outside.
3. Hang a mirror on the porch behind the front door and use the reflection effect.
4. Hang a copper gourd at the entrance door. Gourd is a traditional Feng Shui item with the function of absorption. A copper gourd by the door can absorb and prevent the evil spirits from entering your home. The best practice is to tie the copper gourd with a red rope for better exorcism effect. In mandarin Chinese, gourd is homophonic "fortune", so it can bring you good luck in addition to exorcising evil spirits.

Front Door Facing a High-rise

With a high-rise building right outside your front door, you will feel quite depressed and find it hard to make progress or to boost your family fortune.
1. If permitted, you can plant a line of trees to block the evil spirits. It's better to keep the trees away from your entrance door, so as not to affect you going in/out.
2. Hang a Shanhai painting with eight trigrams, mountains and lakes. It is a Feng Shui item which can dispel evil spirits, bring in wealth and good fortune, and turn ill luck into good.
3. Hang a Bagua mirror right opposite the high-rise. 
4. Hang a Tai Chi painting.

Gate Facing a Lamp/Utility Pole or Big Tree

With a door or window facing a lamp/utility pole, tree or traffic sign, you may suffer from unstable family fortune, vile character, rebellious children or disasters of blood.
1. If you could move the tree, lamp or utility poles, just move it. 
2. Arrange a Shanhai painting or Bagua mirror right opposite the direction affected.
3. Hang a convex mirror, Bagua mirror or a string of five-emperor coins on the door.
4. Place a pair of stone lions at the gate.

Front Door Facing the Corner of Another Building

If your door or window faces the corner of another building, you and your family will be in poor health and prone to disasters of blood.
(1) Place a forceful stone lion on either side of your gate to ward off evil spirits.
(2) Place a Dragon Turtle or Kylin facing the corner at your front door.

Unequal Double Door

It means a double gate with unequal leaves. A double door with bigger left leaf can be harmful to the health of the hostess or lead to divorce; a double door with bigger right leaf can be harmful to the health of the host or hinder his career and marriage.
1. The best practice is to choose a single door.
2. If it is unfeasible to change, you can hang a string of five, six or ten-emperor coins on the inside of the small leaf to cure.

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