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I am a male horse born on 10/26/1966 (lunar calendar). I just retired from my old jog in the police department on 6/2/2017. And I just started a new job on 6/5 in San Francisco as an investigator. Is this a safe move?
Since I will be receiving retirement pension and working another job, my ex-wife may sue me for more money for child support. She also want to sue me for more child custody. She hired a lawyer and I do not want to give in to her. Should I take her to court?

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It's good for you to make a change in job in this year. But you should be careful when get along with others because the inauspicious star 'Juan She' (卷舌) will easily bring you communication conflicts with others.

If you could reach a compromise with her rather than by legal means, that's much better for you.

If I do go to court with my ex, would there be any roadblocks?
Yes, if you choose to go to counrt with your ex-wife, there will be some road blocks to you as the year doesn't favor you too much.

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