Chinese Zodiac with Best Love Luck in Dec. 2021

The arrival of good fortune in love and relationship is very important to everyone living in this world, especially for the singles. They especially hope that they can have a strong luck in love and relationship, so that they can bring a fairly good love or marriage life, which will be a very happy thing for them.


In December, people born under the Chinese zodiac animal sign of the Rooster will a pretty good luck in love and relationship. Not only with the help of the San He (Three Harmonies) with “Tai Sui” (the Grand Duke Jupiter), but also with the favor of auspicious stars, their personal charms will be enhanced, and they will have the opportunity to be favored by the opposite sex so that the Roosters will be chased by the opposite sex. This will make the Roosters feel they get many people’s attention, which greatly satisfy their own vanity. If the Roosters want to get rid of their single life, they are supposed to respond actively when being pursued in December, and they can successfully find partners and get rid of their single status.


In December, the Snakes will also have a fairly good luck in love and relationship. After all, the Snakes achieve a San He (Three Harmonies) with Tai Sui (the Grand Duke Jupiter), which brings good luck for attraction and affection and improves the fortune in love relationship. Additionally, the Snakes will also be favored by the auspicious love star of “Hong Luan”, which will be greatly conducive to the improvement of their fortune in love and relationship. As such, the Snakes will find they will have much more contacts with the opposite sex than people, and they will have the chance to meet the one they would have a crush on. Then, if they can take the initiative and make the first move, they can successfully get rid of their single life in December.


In December, the love and relationship fortune of the Pigs will be greatly improved. As such, they will have a stronger attraction to the opposite sex. This is also because after their love and relationship luck improve in December, the Pigs will have a stronger desire for love and relationship and they will be more active in front of the opposite sex. So, they will be more likely to get the attention and favor of the opposite sex. Furthermore, the opposite sex will be willing to take the initiative to interact with them, plus their active performance in front of opposite sex, so that they can quickly get closer to the opposite sex and get rid of the single life.

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