Chinese Zodiac with Best Love Luck in May, 2021

Would you like to know your fortune in love/relationship in May 2021? It depends on the fortune of your star sign. If the love fortune of your star sign is on the rise, you love life and relationship will go smooth. However, if your love luck does not favor you, you may encounter plenty of troubles in your relationship and love life. Which are the Chinese zodiac animal signs with love luck in May?


The Earthly Branch of the Monkey in the Chinese zodiac is Jin (gold), and it will meet with Tai Sui (the year of Chou(丑from earthly branch) Tu(土from Five Elements) according to Chinese heavenly stem and earthly branches) at Tian Xi Star in May 2021, This Tianxi star is also called Tianxi Peach Blossom (“peach blossom” represents good love luck in Chinese), which usually means that it is easy to encounter happy events, or to meet the opposite sex on such occasions. This star sign also indicates that the opposite sex encountered will be more caring and tolerant. As Tai Sui is the Yin Star (Seal/guardian star) of the zodiac animal Monkey, which is the star of the Monkey’s life. So, they will care about and tolerate the one, just like someone with a mother’s nature. It also indicates that it is easy to meet women who are very maternal, while men are very tolerant and caring about others. However, it’s also worth to note that the other party(partner) may be a little bit aggressive, ambitious and too serious. As along as you don’t be too serious and picky to your partner (significant other), your relationship and emotion won’t encounter any big troubles.


The earthly branch of the Tiger in Chinese zodiac is Yin (寅from Earthly Branch) Mu(木/wood from Five Elements), and it will encounter the Hong Luan peach blossom(symbolizes good love luck), which represents the attraction to the opposite sex, romantic thoughts and committed affection. This star sign indicates that it’s easy for the Tiger to meet the opposite sex who is committed in love and willing to stay with them for an entire lifetime. They are affection and committed in love and the one-on-one relationship, instead of attracting other persons of opposite sex and two-timing. They are willing to safeguard this love and relationship with the Tiger guys together. The star sign also signifies that the other party may be strong-headed, possessive and controlling. However, when facing the guys born under the zodiac animal sign of the Tiger, the other parties/partners will become more tolerant and willing to make changes and compromises for the Tiger, and they may also boost and promote the Tiger’s wealth luck because they live together.


In May, the earthly branch of the Rat in Chinese zodiac is Zi (子from Earthly Branches) Shui(水from Five Elements), and it achieves the compatibility of Zi(子) Chou(丑) with Tai Sui (the Grand Jupiter Duke of the year’s fortune). Tai Sui is the guardian star of the zodiac animal Rat, and it is also the star of the opposite sex for female Rats. Meanwhile, both of them achieve the Liu He (Six Harmonies) compatibility, which means that the Rat guys will enjoy a good popularity in the social circle in May 2021. For girls, they are very likely to have good opportunities in the development of emotional relationships to meet the guys of the opposite sex who care for them, and they tend to have many topics in common, but the other party (partner) tends to be a bit possessive and dominating.