What to Send to a Person in His/Her Zodiac Year?

Ben Ming Nian (本命年 běnmìngnián) is the year of one's zodiac sign. In Chinese astrology, Ben Ming Nian is regarded as an unlucky year. People who are in their zodiac year are destined to face lots of problems and obstacles. If your family members or friends are in their Ben Ming Nian, sending them proper Ben Ming Nian gifts could help them greatly improve their luck. Then, what good-luck gifts you should buy for them? Following are some advices. 
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What to send for Dragon People in 2024?

2024 is year of the Dragon, if your family members or friends belong to the Dragon sign (born in 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024), it’s good for you to send them a lucky Ben Ming Nian gifts. While, if you are under the Dragon sign, let one of your family members or friends send you one (It doesn’t work if you buy it by yourself.) to help you bring good luck in 2024.

Chinese Zodiac Mascot
Red Agate 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs Charm BraceletAccording to Chinese Astrology, each zodiac sign has its auspicious signs that could help bring good luck. In one’s zodiac year, send him/her a mascot with his/her auspicious zodiac signs is very good. The gift can be a doll of his/her lucky zodiac sign, a bracelet or necklace with lucky zodiac sign pendant or a Chinese zodiac ring. As Rat, Monkey and Rooster are lucky animal signs for Dragon, in 2024, it’s good to send Rat, Monkey and Rooster Zodiac mascots to people of the Dragon sign.  

Lucky Animal Signs for 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs:
Zodiac Sign Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake Horse Sheep Monkey Rooster Dog Pig
Lucky Signs Ox, Dragon, Monkey Rat, Snake, Rooster Horse, Dog, Pig Sheep, Dog, Pig Rat, Monkey, Rooster Ox, Rooster, Monkey Tiger, Sheep, Dog Rabbit, Horse, Pig
Rat, Dragon, Snake Ox, Dragon, Snake
Tiger, Rabbit, Horse Sheep, Rabbit, Tiger

Beaded Buddha Bracelet, Necklace and Buddhist Protector
If your friend believes in Buddhism, you may choose a beaded Buddha bracelet for him/her. With an auspicious meaning, the Buddhist beads will keep him/her from bad luck in the zodiac year.

Also, you may choose Avalokitesvara or Buddha necklace for him/her. As the saying goes, ''Avalokitesvara for men and Buddha for women''. Only if you choose the right one, can it bring good luck.

Besides, it is a good choice to choose the Buddhist Protector governing the zodiac sign of your friend. Buddhist Protector can absorb the negative energy, generate more positive energy, bring good luck, drive away evil spirits and eliminate hassles. A Buddhist Protector for your friend in the zodiac year will bring him good luck and help him tide over difficulties. Samantabhadra, The Lord of Truth is the Guardian Buddha of the Dragon and Snake, So, in 2024, it’s good to send a Samantabhadra Buddha pendant necklace to people of the Dragon or Snake sign. 
Eight Guardian Zodiac Natal Buddha/Bodhisattva Bracelet for ZodiacRed Agate Eight Guardian Zodiac Natal Buddha/Bodhisattva Six Words Proverbs Beads Bracelet

Red Mascots:
Zodiac Year Red Rope Bracelet, Taisui Bracelet In traditional Chinese culture, red has been an auspicious color which can ward off evil spirits. Therefore, it has been a tradition to worship red in the zodiac year of birth (Ben Ming Nian) since ancient times. If you want to send someone a gift in his zodiac year, you'd better choose a red one.

Red shoe-pads and socks:
Chinese people believe wearing red shoe-pads or socks can help them trample the vile characters, bring them good luck and make everything go well. If your friend is often framed up in life or work, you may send him red shoe-pads or socks.

Red scarf, gloves or hat:
a nice gift which can warm him up and ward off something evil.  

Red wallet or handbag:
it is festive and can bring good luck in Ben Ming Nian.

Red waist belt:
a good choice to avoid the bad impact brought by Tai Sui who is in charge of people's fortune in the year.

Red accessories:
such as red bracelet, red lucky bead bracelet, ruby ring, watch with a red strap, red hairpin, red earrings and sweater chain which are necessary to ward off evil spirits and play a good adornment role.

Red coat and shoes:
festive and auspicious, symbolize a prosperous life and can drive out evil spirits.  

Red nightgown or undercover:
a good gift for close friends or lovers in the zodiac year, as it can bring good luck.  


Pi Xiu
Pi Xiu (貔貅 píxiū) or Pi Yao is a Chinese mythical beast in greyish white, which resembles a winged lion yet boasts the head of a dragon, the body of a horse and the feet of a unicorn.

You can choose a Pi Xiu blessed by an eminent monk for your friend, as it can drive away the evil spirits and bring joy and good luck to him.

Gifts Ideas for Seniors, Kids, Friends, Leaders

For Elders
You can send a male elder a Samantabhadra, The Lord of Truth pendant which can bless him anywhere. For a female elder, you may choose the Buddha pendant or bracelet. Also, the Buddhist Protector governing the zodiac sign, horn comb, blessed pendant and silver bracelet are also good choices.
Wenchang Knot Bracelet for Good StudyFor Students
For a student in the zodiac year of birth, you may choose a gift which can defuse the bad luck and improve his/her study. The good choices include cinnabar pendant, obsidian pendant, red necklace, Wenchang knot bracelet, peach wood ornament/comb, zodiac silver pendant, red porcelain pen, lucky pen container and Wenchang pagoda.
For Kids
For a kid in the zodiac year, you'd better not choose the overly valuable gift. A gourd or lotus shaped pendant or bracelet in peach wood will be fine. You can also choose peace buckle and pen which also have auspicious meanings. Pi Xiu which can bring good luck in making money and drive away evil spirits is not suggested.
For Ladies
For a close lady friend, you may choose a suit of red undercover, wallet, handbag, zodiac pendant or red bracelet which she could often wear.
For Men
For a male friend, it’s good to choose the close-fitting red items, such as red undercover, waistband, socks and shoe-pads, or the accessories like obsidian Pi Xiu or Akasagarbha which can bring good luck for wealth and ward off evil spirits. Bodhi beads, six-syllable Mantra beads and giant clam full of Buddhist colors are also good choices.
For a Friend, Relative or Leader
For a friend, relative or leader, you’d better choose the high-end ornament, such as blessed Pi Xiu or zodiac mascot, as the gift for his/her zodiac year.

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