Weekly Horoscope For Rooster

Date: Jan 20, 2020 - Jan 26, 2020
You have a good fortune this week. In terms of work, you can do your own things well and leave a good impression on you leader. And your future is boundless. In terms of wealth, this week's direct wealth fortune which is from work is better, and your indirect wealth fortune is also good. But be cautious when investing. In terms of love, contact more with female elders, they may introduce a good person to start a love relationship.

Nothing special happen to you on Monday. Just enjoy the day. 

Tuesday: Today's fortune is the worst in this week. You may feel discomfort and have a poor performance.

Wednesday: Today's love fortune is the best. If you like some, today is a very suitable day to express your love.

Thursday: Today's wealth fortune is the best in this week. You may get a good income today.

Friday through Sunday: Nothing special happen to you. Just enjoy the days. 


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