Weekly Horoscope For Dragon

Date: Mar 08, 2021 - Mar 14, 2021
Your fortune is mainly good and there is some good things you can look forward to in this week. In terms of work, your good interpersonal relationship, strong inspiration and creativity, and good ideas can make everyone's impressions on you good. But the competition between colleagues is also fierce. Impulsiveness will make you lose your sense of reason and offend other. So, you need to manage your emotions well in this week. If you could do so, you could make great progress in work. Wealth fortune is good, the harder you work, the more you can earn. Whether you are in the workplace or you are managing a business, it is good to actively seek wealth. In terms of love, you males are easy to get off the single status, and you married men can live a sweet life. You females mainly spend an ordinary life.

Tuesday: Today's love fortune is the best in this week. Carefully dressed and then go out. Show your talents can enhance your charm thus attract the opposite sex. 

Wednesday: Today's fortune is the worst in this week. Today, you are easy to be emotional, and you are irrational to make decisions under the emotional impulses. In addition, you are easy to blurt out the hurtful words, leading to some disharmony in interpersonal relationships.

Friday: Today's wealth fortune is the best in this week. Today, you can gain more trust and help, and earn a lot of money.


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