Weekly Horoscope For Pig

Date: Oct 26, 2020 - Nov 01, 2020
You have a flat fortune this week. Although you can be put in an important position in work, the problems you meet will be more than before, which may make you unprepared. Be sure to stabilize your mind and no problem can't be solved. In terms of wealth, this week's fortune is flat. remember not to spend money randomly and try to manage your money well. In love aspect, your relationship with the other half is stable. If you want to go further, you have to perform well.

Tuesday: Today's fortune is the worst in this week. You should pay more attention to your elders. If they are not happy, you will feel upset too.

Friday: Today's wealth fortune is the best in this week. Showing your strengths can bring you extra benefits.

Saturday: Today's love fortune is the best in this week. Today is Sanhe Day, the elders may introduce you to some opposit sex, maybe you can talk well.

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