Can I ask some question of Five Elements?


Dear Sir,

Can I ask you some question about Five elements? the Five Elements of Zodiac animal signs Rat is Water Elements and When I am checking Name for Chinese Zodiac Sign by my DOB is April/07/1984 so, the Rat is Wood elements, can you explain about this please? the elements of people will change or still the same forever? how to know the Elements of Zodiac sign? please explain me the Five Elements can compatible and not compatible each other? thank you for explaining me.

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Na Ro

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Hi Na Ro,

The Five Element of Zodiac animal sign should be based on your DOB. April/07/1984 belongs to the Wood element.

Wood and Fire, Fire and Earth, Earth and Metal, Metal and Water, Water and Wood are compatible groups of five elements.

Fire and Metal, Metal and Wood, Wood and Earth, Earth and Water, Water and Fire are incompatible groups of five elements.

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