Too weak Bazi


hi please tell me how to remedy my bazi analysis

Your Self Elements Analysis
Wood: 3 | Water: 1 | Earth: 4 | Metal: 0 Fire: 0
Your Five Elements (Wu Xing) have too many Earth and are lack of Metal and Fire. Your Day Master is Water and it needs to be supported by Wood element. Also, you should avoid to have more Fire.
Five Elements Score
Metal 2.28
Wood 37.1
Water 16.5
Fire 3
Earth 27.5
Same Group
Water+Metal 18.78
Different Group
Wood+Fire+Earth 67.6
Your Bazi is Too Weak.

3 Answer(s)

You needs to be supported by Wood element and should avoid having more Fire.In daily life, you can choose to have more wood element to support you. For example, wear more green color clothes or decorate with green color more at home. At the same time avoid using red too much.
Magnificent phrase and it is duly

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