How to Place Clock for Good Feng Shui?

Significance of Clocks in Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui theory, the swing and ring of clock can boost and freshen the air energy in your home while the rhythmic ticking of clock can make your family life more regular and rhythmic. Therefore, it is necessary to have a clock in your home and the clock with pendulum is even better.

Which Room to Hang a Clock?

In fact, a clock in bedroom is not recommended as it is not good from the aspect of Feng Shui and the ticking of clock will affect your sleep. Though the clock can drive away evil spirits, it is still recommended to be in the living room rather than bedroom.

Where is the best place to put a clock?

The hanging of clock shall follow strict rules. For example, the front side of clock shall not face the interior but the window or balcony. When there is no one at home, the air is still and the swing of clock can make the air flow inside and make the room full of vitality. Hanging the clock in the center of your living room is wrong, because the word "clock" in Chinese is homophonic to "death" and anyone coming in will see the clock and think of death, producing a sense of bad luck. The best practice is to hang the clock at the door side. At the same time, do not make the clock face something resembling the clock or trigram; otherwise, you will be suppressed by the layout.

How high to hang a wall clock?

Do not hang the clock too high or too low. The criterion is: do not exceed your height, or you will have to look up; do not hang it at a height which you have to look down. Generally, the clock shall be hung at a height between your chest and your eye level.

Shape and Size of the Clock

1. The best shape of clock for your home is square, because it is steady and symbolizes the peace inside, perfectly corresponding to the peaceful rather than restless life.
2. For your office, however, the best shape is circular, which symbolizes profits pouring in from all sides.
3. If the clock is triangular, hexagonal or octagonal, it is a symbol that your family will be in discord and prone to disputes and conflicts.
4. The clock shall not be oversize as it will make your family restless and nervous. Some people like the big mantel clock. However, the big mantel clock is not suitable for a small apartment. On the one hand, the ding-dong of clock may easily make you ill at ease and full of dread. On the other hand, it steals the show and indicates the children in your family are disobedient and the eldership has no authority. 

Best Direction to Place a Clock

The clock shall be placed in an auspicious rather than inauspicious direction, so as to block and take away the evil things. 
1. Do not hang or put the clock at the Bai Hu direction (i.e. west) of your house: this direction is the inauspicious direction in traditional Chinese Feng Shui. However, you can put or hang the clock in the northwest of your house and the clock shall be in white or golden color and in circular shape since the direction belongs to metal in five elements.
2. Do not hang or put the clock at the Xuan Wu direction (i.e. north): this direction belongs to rear which shall keep static rather than dynamic.
3. Hang or put the clock at the Zhu Que direction (i.e. south) of your house: this direction is the front which belongs to the dynamic. The clock shall be mainly in red, purple or orange since the direction belongs to fire in five elements.
4. Hang or put the clock at the Qing Long direction (i.e. east) or southeast of your house: this is the auspicious direction and the left side of your living room is a good place to hang a clock. The clock shall be mainly in green or cyan and in square shape since the direction belongs to wood in five elements.

How many clocks should you have at home?

You'd better have only one master clock at home and one alarm clock for each room, so as not to disturb the energy inside your home.

Taboos of Clocks in Feng Shui

1. Do not hang a clock at the head or end of your bed.
2. Do not hang a clock above your sofa, or those sitting on the sofa will feel ill at ease.
3. Do not hang a clock on the wall above your desk but other positions which have no adverse effects.
4. Do not have the clock face any door but the window. Since the clock can drive away evil spirits, it can face the evil direction to assist the Feng Shui items against the evil spirits.
5. You should buy the clock by yourself and never send someone a clock as gift, because the word "clock" in Chinese is homophonic to "death". A clock as gift is quite unlucky and will produce bad psychological hints.