Air Conditioner Feng Shui for Home

Air Conditioner in Feng Shui

As it comes to Feng Shui, air conditioning can activate ability and spread luck. Mainly used to circulate cooling and heating, the air conditioner blows air, which can create a Feng Shui magnetic field to activate ability and widen the energy field. It not only can blow the auspicious air into the room and bring you good luck, but also can spread the inauspicious energy and bring negative effect to your family. As a result, make sure you place the air conditioning in an auspicious rather than inauspicious position.

Tips and Taboos of Aircon

Do Not Place the Air Conditioning at the Wealth Position
Since the air conditioning can spread the good luck of auspicious position, is it possible to put it at the wealth position and spread wealth throughout the home? The answer is no. If the air conditioner is installed at the wealth position, it will blow away your fortune. The wealth position requires the accumulation of air and shall be kept static other than dynamic. As a fast running appliance, air conditioner will bring the airflow outside into your home and blow away your luck for wealth, thus quite harmful to your family fortune. Therefore, the air conditioning shall not be placed at the wealth position. If you want good luck for wealth, you'd better place a plant or fish tank at the position to improve your luck.
Do Not Place the Aircon above the Bed
If your bed is under the air conditioning, the heating or cooling air will destroy the balance of human body "energy field", consume your body energy and affect your metabolism, which will cause the decline of body immunity, make you catch a cold easily or cause arthritis. In addition, the electromagnetic field will make the magnetic field within your body in disorder and you will be prone to the air-condition disease. Therefore, it is a Feng Shui taboo to place the air conditioning above the bed. Also, it’s not good to sleep with the air conditioner blowing in-front of your bed. The best position is to let it blow from the side of the bed.
Aircon Shall Not Face a Door Directly
Air conditioning can circulate the airflow. If its outlet faces a door directly, the Feng Shui principle of "accumulating air" will be violated and the good Feng Shui in your home might be destroyed. In this way, you will suffer money losses rather than accumulate wealth or family fortune. If the air conditioning has to face a door directly due to the limitation of your room, you'd better adjust the air conditioning angle and avoid making its outlet right opposite your door. 
Avoid the Outlet Blowing Your Body Directly
If the outlet blows your body directly, you will catch a disease and both your health and luck will be affected. According to Feng Shui theory, the air conditioning blowing a desk or sofa is a symbol of instable backing, which will affect your luck for work and career. From the perspective of health, people's immune system and defense function of skin and respiratory system are weak during sleep. If the air conditioning blows your body directly, you will feel uncomfortable; what's more, it will invite evil spirits in terms of Feng Shui. Under the above situations, you need to adjust the angle of air conditioning outlet or change the position of sofa and bed to make sure the air comes from the side.
Aircon Shall Not Face the Dining Table Directly
The air conditioning usually has a lot of dust on it. If the air conditioner in your dining room faces the dining table directly, it will blow the dust to the food and cool down the food, which is neither hygienic nor good for health, and also affects the dining room's energy field.
Aircon Shall Not Face the Stove Directly
The stove is essential to cooking. If the air conditioning faces the stove directly, it will make the fire instable and affect the cooking energy, which will then affect your health and luck. Try not to install an air conditioner in your kitchen, because the airflow will be impacted even if the air conditioner does not face the stove directly. If you do have to install it, make sure the outlet is upward.
Avoid Using the Used Air Conditioner
It is common to have a used air conditioner in a resold apartment or rented house. During use, the air conditioner adsorbs a lot of dust, produces germs and integrates the user's energy field. As a result, your energy field and health will be affected quietly if you choose a used air conditioner. If the condition permits, you'd better install a brand new air conditioner or ask a professional to clean the air conditioning completely to get rid of the negative effects.

Feng Shui Aircon Placement

Place as per the Five Elements of Your Family
Air conditioning belongs to metal in Five Elements and it is easy to find the right position for placement: if one of your family members also belongs to metal, you can place the air conditioning at his/her position. This is the best placement in Feng Shui. If father belongs to metal, place the air conditioning in the northwest; if mother belongs to metal, place it in the southwest.
Place as per the Luck in the Animal Year
In addition to the Five Elements of your family, you can also take the luck in the animal year into consideration while placing the air conditioning. Find out the ominous direction and wealth direction first in the year; if the air conditioning is located right at the ominous direction, you'd better use it as less as possible and place some Feng Shui items to neutralize the bad influence.