Feng Shui Office Seating Arrangement


In the office Feng Shui, the office seating is also very important since most of your time in a day is spent on the office chair and it affects your work mood and efficiency in the whole day. Then, what are the do's and don'ts of Feng Shui office seating color and arrangement?

Arrangement Rules

The office chair should not face the front door which is the air and energy portal of the entire office, or your seating will be conflict with the aura field and have your subconscious and nervous system affected, making you prone to bad temper or illness. A screen or plant should be placed between the door and your office seating to solve the problem of Feng Shui office seating facing the front door unless you work at the front desk.

The office seating should not face the washroom door. In Feng Shui, the washroom is a place of mephitis while its door is the outlet of mephitis. If your office seating faces the washroom door, you will be prone to illness because you have inhaled too much mephitis. If the situation cannot be changed, you may place a screen or large broad leaved plant between the washroom and your seating, and keep the washroom door closed to block more or less mephitis.

The office seating should have certain support behind, which means the chair should back the solid wall. If the office seating backs a window, door or passageway, it will have no support. From the aspect of psychology, you will feel insecure if your office seating is empty behind. You will be absent-minded when someone walks behind and you will distract part of your attention to the area behind; after a long time, it will consume your energy and affect your work efficiency and health. If there is no solid wall to back, the effective method to change the situation will be placing a low cabinet or screen behind your chair; or you may choose a chair with higher back to rely on and block the impact of evil spirits.

The office seating should not have a mirror behind, or the back of your head will be exposed to others in the mirror, which is very bad for you. If the mirror is beside rather than behind your chair, the back of your head will not be reflected and it will be ok.

Your office seating should not cling to the wall in front, or you cannot see people and things around and will feel insecure, which will affect the stability of your nervous system.

Your office seating should not face other people, or it will affect your psychology and make you feel there is no private space; it will either make you two feel uncomfortable or distract your attention through talking with each other, which will affect your work. The solution is placing some potted plants or files between to separate you.

Your office chair should not face the door of the supervisor or the boss's room, or you will be affected by their every move, cannot concentrate and have conflict with them after a period of time.

Your office seating should have enough light, or the situation of "too much Yin" caused by insufficient solar energy but too much magnetic energy will be formed, which will make you passive, lazy and pessimistic.

Your office seating should not have a beam or pendant lamp above because people are always sensitive to items above their head and afraid of falling down. Therefore, your subconscious will be virtually armed to protect yourself at any time once there is a beam or pendant lamp above your seating. After a long time, you will spend a lot of energy and feel exhausted even if you haven't made great efforts. If conditions allow, you may change your seating!

Your office chair should not be directly illuminated. Sometimes, many people would put a lamp above the chair due to the weak light around and the lamplight often directly illuminates from the above since the lamp is too close to the chair. In terms of environment design, the direct illumination from above will often make you nervous, dizzy and restless. If the lamp illuminates to the wall, the situation will be improved.
Your office seating should not be surrounded with a lot of sundry or a trash can which is the source of mephitis you should avoid.

Your office seating should not be surrounded by the large-scale electric appliances or other electric appliances, such as computer, photocopier and fax machine since any electric appliance can produce radiation harmful to human body. Besides, the noise made by these large-scale electric appliances will also have a negative impact on human body.


Just like the office table, the material and color of Feng Shui office chair also have certain meanings in five elements. What's more, you spend more time on the office seating than the office table, thus are more affected by it. If you lack of metal in five elements while your office seating is wooden, the inter-restriction between wood and metal will be formed, which is harmful to your fortune. Nowadays, the office seating is generally made with wood or metal and it's difficult for you to change your office seating unless you are the boss. Therefore, you can change the adverse conditions from the perspective of color and complement for the element you lack of through the color of seating cushion and back cushion.

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