Feng Shui Office Desk/Table Placement Tips


It is well known that office table is a piece of furniture often used in our work, so its layout Feng Shui is very important to us, especially to our career luck. Selecting the appropriate office table, putting it in the right direction and placing proper items on it are all fastidious. Let's learn the taboos for the layout of an office table now.


There are two choices for the direction of your office table. One is the north-facing which helps you to become mature and independent and develops your potential but it makes you nervous and brings you ordinary performance. The other is the southeast-facing which helps you to improve your leadership, capability, responsibility, confidence and credibility but it makes you self-willed and overtired.

Items Layout and Selection

Layout: The office table is often placed with the daily office supplies. How to place them in order? Money and telephone shall be placed in the southeast, seal in the southwest, table lamp in the south, notebooks in the northeast, plants in the north while pen and ink in the northwest. This kind of layout is beneficial for your career and family.
Selection: Based on your Chinese Zodiac, you can place different items on your office table to improve your luck.

Rat, monkey and dragon belong to water in five elements and metal generates water, so the office table shall be placed with metal items such as metal decorations.
Tiger, horse and dog belong to fire in five elements and wood generates fire, so the office table shall be placed with wood items such as green plants;
Pig, sheep and rabbit belong to wood in five elements and water generates wood, so the office table shall be placed with water items or aquatic plants;
Snake, rooster and ox belong to metal in five elements and earth generates metal, so the office table shall be placed with yellow, brown or apricot items or soil cultivated plants.

Office Table Selection

A comfortable office table shall be selected based on its height, color and style as well as your personal preference. If your incompatible element is earth, you should not choose the yellow, tawny or brown office table; if you have internal organ problems, such as kidney disease, you should choose the colors belonging to water; if you have heart disease, you should avoid the colors belonging to fire; if you have gastrointestinal illness, you should avoid the colors belonging to earth; if you have lung illness, you should avoid the colors belonging to metal. A safe office table shall be selected and the sharp corners shall not face your colleagues.


1. The office table shall not be placed between two walls, or you will back the corners, which is harmful to your luck. If conditions permit, you should face the corners directly.
2. The office table shall not be placed with the right side facing the door, or your work will be disturbed by people in and out, leading to poor work efficiency and health.
3. The office table shall not back the door. While the office table is near the door, the first thing you should avoid is sitting back the door. As a gateway, the office door absorbs both evil spirit and vitality. If you sit back the door, you will have no support but the attack of miscellaneous Qi from people in and out. Adjustment method: choosing a chair with backrest to support you and block the attack of miscellaneous Qi.
4. The office table shall not have a window behind the seat. In terms of Feng Shui, window is the inlet and outlet of various Qi, so it is ominous for you to put your head at the window to greet the evil spirit.
5. The office table shall not be placed in the hallway or near the window because the office table in the hallway or under the window is under the evil spirit and brings you psychological burden due to the peep of people come and go.
6. The office table shall not face the restroom door on all sides.
7. The office table shall not face the restroom wall or back the restroom.
8. The office table shall not be opposite the cabinet corner on all sides.

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