Feng Shui Items for Home & Office

Calabash Gourd
In Chinese language, gourd is homophonic to ''福禄'' (happiness and richness), thus regarded as a mascot of recruiting wealth and happiness. Hanging a gourd in your house can bring you good fortune and safeguard your health and safety. If you have a patient in your family, you can put a bronze gourd which is beneficial to health and conjugal relationship. If you couple don't get along well, you can put a bronze gourd at the headboard to improve your relationship.

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Wind Chime
Its sweet voice can vibrate the air to activate and stimulate the pneumatic energy and exorcise the evil spirits. As a common decoration in the house, it symbolizes auspiciousness. The soft voice of the wind chime can bring you tranquility, relieve the mental stress, reduce the epidemic pathogenic factor and improve your luck.
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Fish Tank
A fish tank is indispensable to water, so the fish tank is the synonym of water in Feng Shui. In addition to the ornamental value, the fish tank also can promote vital energy and exorcise evil spirits. The mutualism between fish and water makes the interior more energetic and has a positive effect on the house Feng Shui. According to the Feng Shui theory, mountain brings fame while water brings wealth, thus the fish tank also has a great effect of promoting wealth.

Wenchang Pagoda
This is the most commonly used Feng Shui product which is beneficial to study, fame and career. Children can place it at the headboard; adults can put it on the table; scholars can put it in the bookcase to have brilliant writing ideas and good results in exam.

Flowers & Plants
According to Feng Shui study, you can choose suitable flowers and plants to adjust the overall Feng Shui and build a natural state of home environment. Using flowers and plants as the Feng Shui furnishing items has become a popular way among people today.

Calligraphy and Painting
It can build the mental aura and psychological field to make up for the deficiency of five elements in your life and improve your luck. If the calligraphy and painting work is placed properly, it can promote wealth and bring you good luck in making money, also beneficial for your work and luck in benefactor. In addition, some calligraphy and painting works have the effect of safeguarding house.

Sailing Ship
Sailing ship is the most popular Feng Shui item in daily life, which symbolizes plain sailing and is often seen in a lot of offices. It looks powerful and implies the flourishing career, thus a very auspicious Feng Shui symbol.

In Chinese language, vase is homophonic to ''平'' (peace) and it is suitable for both house and company. Putting a vase in the house indicates the family peace while putting a vase in the company suggests the employee health. If the vase is placed together with a furnishing quail or a jade Ruyi, it implies peace and good luck; if it is placed with a bell, it symbolizes the peace of all beings.

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