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My bathroom sink mirror facing the bathroom door. I cannot move to any other area in the bathroom. Pl advice the remedy thanks.
indira sampath

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Because the toilet is a dirty place, and the mirror has the function of reflection. The mirror in the bathroom may reflect the dirty air in the space to the outside of the bathroom door, which may be in the bedroom space, which can easily cause adverse effects on the health of the owner in the bedroom.

In addition, the bathroom mirror facing the bathroom door will make couples go to the horns when dealing with things. If it is serious, it may affect the relationship between husband and wife and cause discord in the family relationship. It also affects the physical and mental aspects of the family members.

Following are the cures for mirror facing the bathroom door:

1. Hang half a curtain on the bathroom door, so that the bathroom mirror cannot be seen.

2. You can use a cloth to cover the mirror when the bathroom mirror is not in use.

3. There are mirrors within the hanging cabinets for bathrooms sold in the market, which can be opened when in use and closed when not in use. You can buy that kind of cabinets with mirror inside to replace.

4. Just close the door when the toilet is not in use.

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