Bagua Mirror in Feng Shui

Bagua Mirror has been regarded as a Feng Shui mascot in China. Generally speaking, it is made of bronze and derives the name from the pattern of Eight Trigrams (Bagua), which represents Yin and Yang. It is believed that Bagua Mirror can absorb wealth, bring good luck, expel evil spirits and ward off ill luck. Also, Bagua Mirror can bring inner peace and blessings, and eliminate the evil spirits of Five Yellow, Poison, Facing a Vertical Road, Sharp Corner, etc.

Bagua Mirror Application & Usage

Modern people have limited knowledge about Feng Shui and buildings vary in design, creating a great deal of "angle, spire, blade and arrow". In addition, the irregular buildings, such as utility pole, water tower, iron tower, transformer and road, can cause even more evil spirits. If your home unfortunately faces such an evil spirit, you'd better cure it in time. Otherwise, the bad Feng Shui can lead to frustration at work, poor health, illness, disability, imprisonment, financial losses and even death. In this case, Bagua Mirror can be a very useful solution.
Usage: hang a Bagua Mirror above the door or window to ward off the evil spirit, change the Qi field, and dispel the detrimental effect of unfavorable terrain on you; hang a Bagua Mirror in the room or put it on the table to regulate the indoor Qi and magnetic fields, which can bring you inner peace and homeostasis, and help you recover from a chronic disease.

Classification of Bagua Mirror

There are three basic types of Bagua Mirror, namely plane, concave and convex. Bagua Mirror is widely used in Feng Shui, because it can block, eliminate, absorb and fight against evil spirits. However, each type has different functions: plane mirror can collect and reflect. Don't imagine that hanging a mirror is enough to reflect away evil spirits. It depends and sometimes a plane Bagua Mirror can collect the evil spirits. The concave mirror can absorb and collect, mainly used to bring good luck in wealth. The convex mirror can block and eliminate evil spirits, which means it is used to reflect away, dissolve and cushion bad Feng Shui caused by shape. Read more about plane, concave and convex mirror's usage and placement.

Tips and Taboos

1. The best time to hang a Bagua Mirror is at noon (11:00 - 13:00), especially 12:00 when Yang is at the peak of the day. Hanging the Bagua Mirror at this time can make it more effective in warding off evil spirits.
2. Remember not to do evil; otherwise, the Bagua Mirror will play a bad role rather than good!
3. Make sure there is no picture or statue of a god or the Buddha on the way of reflection, or it can be disrespectful and affect your blessings.
4. Make sure the Bagua Mirror is blessed - only the blessed can give full play to its effect.
5. Do not reflect the light into other people's home; otherwise, the evil spirits will enter their home.
6. Do not put the Bagua Mirror indoors but outdoors; do not look in the mirror or put too many Bagua Mirrors - hang one in each direction, and limit the total number within three, otherwise it will bring you nothing good but bad.
7. Do not place a Bagua Mirror behind the door, as it will bring your home more Yin energy. 
8. Do not hang a Bagua Mirror on the ceiling. Generally speaking, the ceiling can map people and a Bagua Mirror here will undermine your luck.
9. Usually, Bagua is only a symbol for expelling evil spirits and it will not be harmful. If there is a trident or a pattern of god holding an artifact or riding a tiger, however, the mirror will be harmful to your neighbor's dwelling. Since the trident is sharp and the artifact or tiger contains evil spirits, you are not suggested to place such a Bagua Mirror in the direction of other houses.

What if there is a Bagua Mirror facing my home?

In this case, you can try to communicate with the owner and take the following measures:
1. If the situation is not serious, you can do something with your curtain, such as changing a curtain with auspicious pattern, and adding a screen to avoid the reflection.
2. Put coniferous plants by the window to dissolve the evil spirits;
3. Place some coniferous plants by the window, such as cactus, and make sure they are not in the direction hindering your the good luck, or they can be harmful to you;
4. If the evil spirit is too powerful, you can put a convex mirror opposite to offset the evil spirit reflected into your house;
5. Hang a pot of drooping plant, such as ivy and bracketplant, on both sides of your gate.
6. Stick the door god to block off the evil spirits.

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