How to Choose Curtains for Good Feng Shui?

Curtains can block light and dust, protect privacy and adorn your rooms. From the perspective of Feng Shui, curtains can also affect the fate of the entire family. Then, how to choose right curtains to improve your fortune?

Choose Right Colors and Materials as per Your Horoscope

Choosing the right colors and materials of curtains in accordance with your numerology can facilitate your love relationship, health, wealth and career. For example, you can choose green and wooden curtains if you belong to wood in Five Elements; choose red or purple series in artificial fiber if you belong to fire; choose yellow or earthy yellow Roman blinds if you belong to earth; choose white metal curtains if you belong to metal, and choose blue or black wave curtains if you prefer to water in horoscope.

Color Taboos

1. Don't use too much red or black in the primary tones. Red will make you too excited to fall asleep while black will make you depressive and lead to negative mood. In addition, too much red or black can also make people you act impulsively.
2. The color of curtains shall be in harmony with walls and ceiling. In Feng Shui, ceiling represents heaven while, flooring is earth while wall is man. Therefore, the color of walls shall be between that of ceiling and flooring, i.e. darker than the ceiling and lighter than the flooring for the harmony of heaven, earth and man.
3. Avoid the same tones with walls and furniture as far as possible.
4. Avoid the color palette of red and green, green and orange, red and blue, yellow and purple for curtains and flooring in case of bad feelings.
5. Avoid pink curtains in the master bedroom. Despite of the romantic atmosphere created by pink, the color can incur an affair when it comes to Feng Shui, and affect your relationship with your partner. Also, pink will make you nervous, panic, anxious and short-tempered and lead to more quarrels.
6. Curtains in your bedroom shall be mainly in light colors, such as oyster grey and light blue which are quite tranquil. Colors like red, reddish orange, lemon yellow, and grass green are too bright for bedrooms. 
7. Curtains in bedroom shall not be in too many colors, or your sleep and health will be affected.

Avoid Too Thick Curtain Cloth

Window is one of main passages for family fortune. If the curtains are too thick, the luck for wealth will be blocked and you will find it hard to win promotion and get rich. The thick fabrics also create a sense of heaviness, making your family feel the stress in life and affecting their health. The thick curtains in bedroom will make you sleepy all day, thus lower your work efficiency and make your family on a tight budget. If you want to block out the strong sunlight, you may choose double curtains instead of thick curtains, because double curtains are efficient, practical and easy to clean.


Avoid the curtains in inauspicious patterns. Young people full of character prefer to some trendy and special patterns, such as skull, weird doll and fierce beast, which are inauspicious in Feng Shui. In particular, those patterns shall be avoided in the bedrooms of the aged and kids in case of adverse effect.
In terms of Feng Shui, vertical stripes are adverse to your work, so avoid this kind of pattern if you are working for someone else. Horizontal stripes may affect your mood and make you restless while diagonal stripes are adverse to health. So deliberate over when you choose the patterns.


Curtains for small rooms shall be mainly in simple styles because the complicated will make the rooms even smaller. Or, you can choose some special curtain which can help to extend space. For larger space, the curtains shall be delicate, gorgeous and generous to enhance the space and overall effect.


Different materials can drive away different evil spirits. Fabric curtains and plastic blinds are common. In terms of Feng Shui, blinds can block wooden spirits at southeast and wave curtains can block fire spirits at south. You'd better choose the right materials according to your horoscope.
Floor-to-ceiling drapes can create a tranquil and warm atmosphere. For windows in small rooms, however, the blinds allowing in a lot of natural light are better.
For large rooms, you'd better choose fabric curtains which are good for sleep and block the adverse effects from outside.

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