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my toilet is in the east side and is facing the dining area. theres a small walkway/hallway that lead to the kitchen between the toilet and dining area. Mu dining table is not in the view of the toilet, but is in view of my kitchen island table, which is also located in the east side, next to the toilet ( 3 to 4 feet from the toilet wall) What remedy can i do to fix this? I have read that things such as door curtains( does it have to cover from top to bottom, or half curtain is ok?), plant ( any size plant?) and room/screen divider ( does it have to be a solid screen divider, or am i allow to use the plastic/wooden decorative divider that has cut out area/or holes that can be seen through?) Is there any other remedy since my toilet is located on the east side of the house?Thank you

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Hi ann c,

It's bad Feng Shui if toilet facing the dining area and dining table facing the kitchen. This will affect your appetite, your mood and your health.

For remedies, you can have door curtains for the toilet and kitchen. The curtain should be from the top to the bottom. half curtain does't work. Or you can paint the toilet and kitchen doors with the same color of the wall and always close the doors when dining.
Thank you

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