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I dreamed I and my youngest son saw a bunch of spiders. Ladybugs too. We were in a different kitchen than the one we have in our apartment. But we saw them on a white wall underneath some kitchen cabinets that did look like the ones in our apartment. We were admiring them. And like most people, I would normally kill most bugs when the get into the house. However, I seldom kill spiders and I never kill ladybugs. I don't kill frogs, toads or lizards either when they get into the house. So the fact that I was just looking at them is not unusual. What is worth noting is that the spiders themselves, made a design, with a few lady bugs on the wall. It looked like a loosely woven screen, or like a very loosely hung curtain of beads in this one place on the wall underneath some cabinets. It was pretty delightful. I would say it covered an 8 x 8 patch of surface on this white wall. So this one is pretty interesting, being in a kitchen again. It was not surprising that I was dreaming about being in the kitchen. But the key features & insights I remembered from this dream were: patterns, the design the insects made on the wall. Spiders and ladybugs, my favorites from the insect taxonomies. My son and I really discussing how beautiful the design was, and the fact that I was not killing the insects. I just let them be.

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Dreaming about a spider indicates the danger and the ladybugs stands for illness. You'd better take good care of yourself recently.

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