Cemetery Feng Shui Taboos

Feng Shui can be either good or bad. Any mistake in choosing a cemetery and graveyard can cause losses to the owner's family. Therefore, attention should be paid to the taboos while choosing an auspicious cemetery. It is generally known that only a good site can play a big role in blessing the owner's offspring with good luck.
1. On a vast land: it is better for the cemetery to have mountains or other graves, rather than a vast land, at the back, because the vast land can be an intrusion on the dead.
2. At the mountainside: a good graveyard is not supposed to be on the mountainside; otherwise it can be in the pattern of a tiger looking back, which is bad for the tomb owner. 
3. At the entrance to a valley: one can imagine the impact of such a windswept location on the dead. 
4. Front the water: the tomb shall not front a river or sea. Otherwise, the sea/river wind will keep sweeping it and prevent if from gathering energy. 
5. Statue in front or temple at the back: such a site will occupy the good Fang Shun of deities and offend them, thus invite trouble to the owner's family.
6. A waterfall nearby: a cemetery at such a site can be inauspicious and bring illness to the owner's family.
7. On a hilltop: graves on hilltops can cause problems like property preservation or inheritance dispute.
8. Close to other cemeteries: do not choose a site which is less than 50 meters to other graveyards, otherwise it can take advantage of other spirits and cause the owner's living family bogged down by endless disputes.
9. On an uneven land: if the site is uneven and full of ups and downs, the wealth and career of the owner's living family can be affected a lot. 
10. A pit in front: if there is a pit in front, the cemetery may perch precariously and its owner's offspring may get injured, run into a car accident, fall off a building or slip down. 
11. Trees surrounded: any tree at least 15 meters away from the cemetery is auspicious. But it's a taboo to have trees on graves. A tree have both energy and root, which can go deep into the ground and disturb the peace of the dead and cause bad luck to its owner's future generations.
12. Walls surrounded: a private cemetery surrounded by walls without any entrance or exit can result in lawsuit or imprisonment to the dead's offspring.
13. High-voltage lines above the tomb: the high-voltage lines above the cemetery can cause money losses to its owner's living family.
14. Graveyard overgrown with weeds: those weeds near the cemetery can cause bodily weakness or illness to the owner's living family, thus should be cleared at least once a year. 
15. Break ground on the site: stonework or cementwork on the cemetery can cause its owner's living family barely cover their expenses and even result in financial losses. 
16. Tombstone taboos: the tombstone in dull colour can harm the horoscope of the owner's offspring; large spots or defects on the gravestone will cause long-term illness to the living offspring; collapsed tombstone can make the dead's offspring horrid to each other, while the scarred or dented gravestone can lead to back diseases or physical disability to the dead's descendants.