Windows Feng Shui Taboos

Avoid Window and Door Alignment
If your front door is facing a window, it will fail to keep the Qi inside and lead to poor energy and bad fortune.

Do Not Have Two Windows Facing Each Other
Two windows in a room facing each other, similar with a door facing a window, make it hard to gather wind and air, which is adverse to your energy and fortune and may lead to financial loss. Also, the window of your living room shall not be too close (less than 10m) to your neighbor's. If it is too close, you can hang a curtain to solve the problem.

Avoid the Windy Window
Usually, you'd better often open the windows for ventilation and air exchange, which is beneficial for your health. If a window is facing the wind gap, however, it shouldn't be opened frequently; otherwise, the vital energy inside will be taken away while the wind and air cannot be gathered, bringing a negative impact on the luck and health of your family.

Avoid Window above the Bed
If your bed is right under a window, your sleep will be affected by bright light and airflow and your body energy will lose, which is adverse to your health and fortune. You'd better make the window at the side of your bed.
Feng Shui Tips and Solutions for a Bed under the Window

Avoid Broken Windows
Since the windows are the eyes of Feng Shui for your house, the broken ones will bring you eye diseases. For the sake of your health, repair or place the broken windows in a timely manner.

Do Not Block Windows in Front
Windows bring sunshine and air into your room and serve as a contact channel with the world outside. If your windows are blocked by buildings, hills or other things in front, your view, vital energy and fortune will be blocked.

Do Not Have Windows Facing the Ominous Places
If you have a window facing a place of heavy Yin energy, such as hospital, temple, funeral home, crematory, grave, slaughterhouse and dump, the Yin energy will break into your room from the window and place an extremely negative impact on you.

Do Not Have Windows Facing a Road
If the window face a road, it will make you easy to have accidents.

Do Not Have Windows Facing a Water Tower or Wire Pole
If your window is facing a water tower or wire pole, the evil spirit formed around the water tower or wire pole will break into your room and affect your luck, especially for wealth, career and health.

Avoid the French Windows
The French window/floor-to-ceiling-windows is common to luxurious restaurants and bars but it is not suitable for your house, because it will make you feel empty underfoot. If your floor is high, it will bring you no sense of security. Where there is a French window in your house, you can paste the non-transparent glass-film at the lower part of the window or cover with a plank or other objects at the height of your waist.

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