Chinese Zodiac with Best Luck in Career in Jan. 2022

Career is indispensable in our lives, and it is also our source of income. If we want to achieve a career, we must rely on our own hard work and struggle. When encountering a good opportunity, we need to firmly grasp it, and we should also cherish the help from the patrons we meet. Which zodiac signs will have the best career luck in the first month of 2022?


As we all know, people born under zodiac sign of the Ox have just concluded the animal year of their birth, in which the Ox have gone through ups and downs. Everything seems not having gone very well so that they are mediocre in their career and their income is not very good. However, in January 2022, there will be the blessing of the encountering of Chou (from earthly branch) and Tu (soil from “Five Elements”), which means the blessing of rich soil. As such, they will be favored by financial luck and the Ox will be ensured a smooth road to great fortune. Additionally, the Ox will also encounter the help from their patrons and they are supposed to firmly grasp the hard-won opportunity. Once cherishing this opportunity, the Ox people will give full play to their strengths and get the appreciation from the leaders and supervisors, which will make everyone admire them.


The year 2022 is the animal year of the Tiger's birth. As a result of the power of Tai Sui (the Grand Duke Jupiter), the Tigers will have good career luck and development in January. The Tigers will encounter the help of patrons, will do things with more ease and are expected to develop their own interpersonal relationships. The Tigers must hold on to the current state and firmly grasp the opportunities, and they will certainly have a lot of achievements in career.


The Dogs have always worked hard. They often give people the feel of being positive and motivated. The Dogs have always had strong abilities, their own talents are also outstanding, and they can always give full play to their talents. In January 2022, the fortune of the Dogs will improve greatly. Their careers will be blessed with great luck, and they will also gain a lot in interpersonal relationships. They will get along well with colleagues and get the favors from patrons. The Dogs are expected to firmly grasp the opportunity, cherish the help of the patrons, and better realize their ideals.