Zodiac Signs with the Best Luck in Both Relationship and Career in April 2022

With the blessing of good luck, everything goes well, and it is easy to achieve success. In April, the following zodiac animal signs will be blessed by auspicious stars, and both their career and relationship will progress smoothly.


In 2022, the Pigs will achieve a Liu He (Six Harmonies) relationship with Tai Sui (the Grand Duke Jupiter). However, there will also be destruction despite of the compatibility with Tai Sui. As such, the Pigs will also see a Destruction of Tai Sui this year, and their fortune will definitely be affected. However, in April, there will be a number of auspicious stars favoring their fortune, which will not only help them turn bad luck into good fortune and drive away bad luck, but also help them promote good fortune so that they develop faster and smoother in relationship and career, making them have more income.


In 2022, the Dragons will have no conflict nor compatibility with Tai Sui (the Grand Duke Jupiter). Their fortune will be relatively stable, without great ups and downs. However, in April, there will be auspicious stars coming into their life, bringing the favor from patrons and the career advancement. Their overall fortune will be fair good. As long as they have enough confidence and put their mind on the important things, there will be good returns.


In 2022, people born under the Chinese zodiac animal sign of the Horse will achieve a San He (Three Harmonies) relationship with Tai Sui (the Grand Duke Jupiter), and they will naturally be able to receive the blessing and help of Tai Sui, and their overall fortune will be good. In April, they will be blessed with good luck, and things will go very well. They will also have a lot of opportunities. Both their career and relationship will be settled well. They are not the kind of people who make money just for the sake of money. Instead, they know how to live and enjoy themselves. They value their relationship and family very much, and they can naturally manage them very well.


People born under the Chinese zodiac animal sign of the Dog will see a rise in their fortune in April. Their fortune in both career and relationship will continuously rise. With good fortune and their own inherent diligence, they will be able to make good use of grasp it, and they will not only break through the deadlock in career to embrace a new career growth period, but also have a turning point in relationship. The single men and women will meet their heartthrobs, and the married people will have stable relationships and happy families.