How to Know a Monkey is in Love with You?

Monkey is a sign which attaches great importance to affection and holds an optimistic attitude towards love relationship. People of Monkey sign love freedom and hate being bound by affection. Determined and persistent in love, they would try every means to win the love of their crush. Read the following to find out the signs of a Monkey in love with you.

Develop a Sense of Humor

Free and undisciplined by nature, Monkey people go after the free life, show the best side and learn to discipline themselves in front of their love. If a Monkey is really in you, he/she would show the humorous side, act cute and play jokes to make you happy and win your favor, because Monkeys believe every effort will be rewarded. 

Practice Self-discipline

Actually, people born in the year of Monkey know little about how to dress up, care little about what others feel and often have childish behaviors. When a Monkey person falls in love with you, however, he/she will practice self-discipline and try to look mature and leave you a good impression because you are in his/her heart. 

Grow Up For a Moment

It seems that the carefree Monkeys are indifferent to everything but when they fall in love, they would change completely and grow up for a moment. If a Monkey begins to think about things he/she never cares about before and gets depressed occasionally, he/she must be in love with you and the true love drives him/her to grow up and to match you.

Think of Others

The free and unrestrained Monkey people would change a lot when they fall in love with someone: they would consider others and sometimes care about what others say, which is almost impossible in the past. Yes, you will feel self-abased at first and then learn to respect if you fall for someone. 

Learn by Heart

People under the Monkey sign are not excellent students but get used to being lazy in daily life and attach little importance on study. When a Monkey has a crush on you, he/she will study hard and want to prove himself/herself and get your attention thru study; everything he/she does is to attract you.

Simple-minded and Plot Out the Future

Blessed with a good luck in adventures with the opposite sex, Monkeys enjoy great popularity and would play well with opposite-sex friends before they meet the right one. Once a Monkey has a crush on you, he/she would say no to any other temptation, focus on you and plot out every step of the future with you.

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