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Asked by M***s | 2/10/2021 5:33:15 PM

My fiance and I plan are planning to get married and I would like to know which is the better year for us to get married. Our choices to get married is either on Feb 21, 2021 or on Feb 22, 2022. I am a Dog (8/14/58-Female) and my fiance is a Tiger (3/15/62 (Male).

I hope you can help us.

Thank you.

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M***y 2/13/2021 7:35:09 AM

It's good for you to get married in 2021 and 2022. Feb 22, 2022 is not a good day for you to get married. Feb 21, 2021 is okay but not the best date. If you could choose Feb 23, 2021, that's auspicious.

M***s 2/15/2021 4:14:50 PM

thank you so much for your response. I don't think I can make it for the 2/23/21 but is there any good date remaining in 2021 to get married? I appreciate you for taking the time to analyze this for me as we are really looking for a good date. Thank you.

M***y 2/21/2021 4:00:14 AM

You can find auspicious wedding date from this page:

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