Will we be able to be together forever?


In his palm, there’s only one prominent marriage line that is far from heart line& goes to the half of his little finger & in the middle,it starts to fork &the top of the fork goes straight &at its end seems to have a small island. The bottom of the fork curves down a little bit & on average look,it seems to combine with the health line crossing the heart line down to the head line. So on average look,it seems like the bottom of the little fork curves down to the heart line&crosses heart line & down a little further to the above of the head line. But on close look,I realise the bottom of the fork is faint &curves down just a little bit & doesn’t even touch health line or heart line.
In my palm, I can see two marriage lines that go to only 1/4of the little finger. The lower line is far from heart line, a bit thinner but slightly longer & forks in the middle &the bottom of the fork is faint. The top of the fork goes straight & seems to have a small island at the end.
The upper line is a bit close to the base of little finger & seems a bit thicker,slightly shorter,& on average look,seems to have no fork. But when closely looked,it has a tiny fork in the end,the bottom of the fork goes straight & the faint top of the fork curves up towards the little finger.
The lower & upper lines I said r parallel &not quite different in length,only a slight difference. &below the lower line & heart line,there r small very short faint lines.& between that lower&upper line I said,there’s a very slight short faint line that appeared recently.

As for dates of birth,
Male : 23.11.1998(Sydney,Australia,time around 1pm afternoon,doesn’t know exact time)
Female : 11.9.2002(Yangon,Myanmar,10:05am morning)

Right now,we live in different countries & r far apart.
I’m living in Myanmar right now& my parents will probably send me to UK once I graduate.
I m trying to move to Aussie for him but it’s gonna take long for me to move there. Can take up to 6-15years to get to Aussie.

What do our palms mean?
R we compatible?
& I really wanna know if we will be able to get together even if there r difficulties.
Will we have arranged marriage by our parents? Or will we be able to get married through our free love & have a life together?

He is turning 23 this year & I m turning 19 this year.
If we really r destined& can get married in the future& have a life together, when r we supposed to meet in real life & probably at what age are we gonna get married to each other?

Thanks lots!!!!! I really wanna know those questions & thanks lots for answering &helping me! If what I mentioned about palm is not accurate & if you’d want a photo of our hands, I can send from mailbox. Pls tell me ur email(where to contact to know more).
Thanks a lot a lot for ur time,Sir/Madaam 😊

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Sir/Madam, pls don’t expose my name when replying😅. Thx lots!
I just wanna keep myself a bit low profile.
I will really be obliged if u do reply to my question &give us suggestions 😊

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