Meanings of 井 or '#' sign on Palm

In palmistry, 井 sign (井 in Chinese means well) or '#' sign is considered auspicious and suggests good luck, either successful career or prosperous luck for wealth, no matter where it appears on your palm. Sometimes, the 井 or # sign appears in succession, such as double '#' or triple '#' which are even more auspicious.
井 or '#' Sign on Palm
井 or '#' sign, when appears on the palm, is with auspicious meanings:

A 井 or '#' sign on heart line suggests you will have a good career and be a leader.

A 井 or '#' sign between heart line and head line indicates you will be a great entrepreneur and live a comfortable life.

A 井 or '#' sign on the Mount of Luna suggests your descendants will uphold the family honor.

A 井 or '#' sign on the Mount of Jupiter suggests wealth and good fortune and you will get rich.

A 井 or '#' sign on the Mount of Mercury suggests you will be of noble character and high prestige.

If several 井 or '#' signs form a ladder at the Mount of Saturn, it indicates you will be a high official.

At the Base of Index Finger
It means you will hold public post or work in a government agency, have an influential career and make great fortune.

At the Base of Middle Finger
It is a sign of wealth and suggests you will make rapid advances in your career, have good fortune and live a well-off life.

At the Base of Ring Finger
It suggests a quite satisfactory life. Though not very rich, you will have a meteoric rise and good fortune. Also, you are smart and will make good performance and amazing achievements no matter what you do.

At the Base of Little Finger
A 井 or '#' sign at this position is quite rare and it is a symbol of great wealth, which indicates you will be successful in your career and get extremely rich.