Dream of a naked man who I intend doing a photographic studuy of.


I dreamt in part hat I was with a man I only knew slighlty, who I intended photographing naked for a photographic series study. I am at my office , there are propelt in there, so I lwead him round the passage to another room where there is a bed - he lies down on his back, naked- I feel dispassionate, do not reallytake notice of his private part in the dream - he is quite hirsuite and smiling. I give him a pop out birthday card to hold that I intend giving to my mother. It is a beautiful crimson pink and red card made up of flowers and rose bouquests that slide in and out. Just then my boss walks in with tow people, she does not appear to notice him. he half covers his body by quietly pulling uop the covers. I signal him to wait a bit. My boss is occpied with the wrok stuff, showing and dictating to the two people. they then leave. I start to photograph him, I am standing on a chair I think, looking down over him and focussed on the card which he has placed on his hairy chest.

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Hi Mountaingoat17,

Dreaming about a naked man suggest the inner anxiety and sadness.In your dream, your boss walks in and she does not appear to notice him.So, this dream suggests you want to prove yourself to your boss and you worry about it. Just relax, everything will go go well. You can also read https://www.yourchineseastrology.com/dream-meanings/being-naked.htm for more information.

Good luck.

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