10 Year Lucky Pillars

Many people want to figure out their luck and future fortune. Since ancient times, Bazi (literally eight characters) has been a widely used fortune-telling method. Whether in ancient times or in the technologically advanced modern society, Bazi fortune-telling has been widely applied, especially when it comes to the prediction of 10-year luck pillar or best 10-year cycle.

What is 10-year luck pillar?

The term 10-year luck pillar refers to the good or bad luck in every period of one's life and each period spans ten years according to ancient Chinese people. People's fortune varies in each period, either good or bad. Generally, it changes every ten years, thus the saying of ''every dog has its day''. Therefore, one has to figure out the days of good and bad luck for the purpose of pursuing good fortune and avoiding disaster. When one has a consistent luck in making money or getting promotions as an official, he will reach the peak with unremitting efforts and enjoy being on top of the world. However, no one can stay at the top forever - no matter which way to take, he is going downhill and this is bad luck; but at the lowest point of life, he is going uphill no matter which way to take and this is good luck. In fact, this is what we mean being unexpected rescued from a desperate situation.
Luck is the accommodation on the journey of life. An elegant and harmonious accommodation can provide good conditions and environment for one to display abilities, so that he can spend a good journey and ride on the crest of success. On the contrary, a lifeless and declined accommodation will lead to great difficulties and endless misfortunes. It can be seen that the 10-year luck pillars are extremely important in life.
The 10-year luck pillar includes the circulation of ten Heavenly Stems in ten years. Good fortune falls upon the years of best Heavenly Stems and no one can enjoy the good fortune forever in the ten years. Generally, people will be most competent in the best 10-year cycle. The complementary Heavenly Stem or Earthly Branch can be damaged by the combination of being compatible, torturing or conflicting with Tai Sui, during which one could suffer from bad luck. But if the Heavenly Stem is fine in the 10-year pillars, the bad fortune will be temporary; if it is poor, however, the bad fortune can last for a long time. 

How to arrange the 10-year luck pillars?

Rules: the best 10-year cycle is expressed with Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, and it is reckoned by the month pillar in four pillars. For men born in Yang years and women born in Yin years, the forward order shall be taken while for men born in Yin years and women born in Yang years, the backward order shall be taken. Here, a Yang or Yin year is associated with the Yang and Yin property of year stem in four pillars: Yang stem includes Jia, Bing, Wu, Geng and Ren while Yin stem consists of Yi, Ding, Ji, Xin and Gui. Every ten year is a cycle and a person is generally arranged in eight cycles. 
For example, a man born in a Yang year (or a woman born in a Yin year) has a month pillar of Wu Yin and a forward 10-year luck pillar, then his/her first best 10-year cycle will be Ji Mao, the next stem-branch of Wu Yin and it governs ten years, after which he/she will move to the second best 10-year cycle, i.e. the next stem-branch of Ji Mao - Geng Chen which also governs 10 years, and so on so forth.

You can check your Best 10-Year Cycles by using Bazi Calculator

Chinese Calendar

28十八/18 29十九/19 30二十/20 31廿壹/21 1廿二/22 2廿三/23 3廿四/24
4廿五/25 5廿六/26 6廿七/27 7廿八/28 8廿九/29 9三十/30 正月 (Jan) 10初壹/1
11初二/2 12初三/3 13初四/4 14初五/5 15初六/6 16初七/7 17初八/8
18初九/9 19初十/10 20十壹/11 21十二/12 22十三/13 23十四/14 24十五/15
25十六/16 26十七/17 27十八/18 28十九/19 29二十/20 1廿壹/21 2廿二/22

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