Feng Shui Bagua Mirror Classification

There are three basic types of Bagua Mirror, namely plane, concave and convex. Bagua Mirror is widely used in Feng Shui, because it can block, eliminate, absorb and fight against evil spirits. However, each type has different functions: plane mirror can collect and reflect. Don't imagine that hanging a mirror is enough to reflect away evil spirits. It depends and sometimes a plane Bagua Mirror can collect the evil spirits. The concave mirror can absorb and collect, mainly used to bring good luck in wealth. The convex mirror can block and eliminate evil spirits, which means it is used to reflect away, dissolve and cushion bad Feng Shui caused by shape.

Plane Bagua Mirror

Plane Bagua Mirror can either collect or reflect, and it depends. Plane mirror should not be used in doors. Instead, plane Bagua Mirrors are often used to block out the bad building shapes, such as facing a vertical road, corner, temple and Yin items (e.g. ruins, cemetery, hospital and ancient house out of repair), close to highway or waterway (e.g. entrance close to road or living room and balcony close to overpass) and next to fire elements (high-voltage line, substation, chimney and radio tower). A plane mirror can be made of various materials but bronze ones are the most effective in Feng Shui.

Concave Bagua Mirror

Concave Bagua Mirror is mainly used for absorbing. It is considered to be effective in absorbing wealth in Feng Shui, and generally put on the gate to collect the energy released. When your find energy or auspicious things run away from gate or home, you can use a concave Bagua Mirror to collect them. The concave Bagua Mirror should be used in the following cases:
1. Gate facing a downward stairway or open slop, which can lead to unstable family fortune or declining luck in making money;
2. Scissor Patter leading to unstable energy in front (front door facing the lift entrance);
3. A recurve road in front, which can make your family suffer unexpected financial losses.

Convex Bagua Mirror

Convex Bagua Mirror is generally used to eliminate and block off evil spirits by reflecting, dispersing and easing. If there is an evil thing or ferocious mascot (stone lion or Pi Xiu at the gate of a large building) outside your window or opposite the front door, you can use a convex Bagua Mirror to block off and reflect back the energy which is bad for you. Also, this type of mirror can be used in the cases of facing a vertical or recurve road, lamp pole, utility pole, corner, temple and Yin item. The convex mirror can ward off these evil spirits, reverse the course and change the Qi field to bring you good luck. If there is no evil spirit outdoor, a convex mirror in your home may reflect away the auspicious spirit indoor and affect your family's fortune. No matter what kind of Bagua Mirror you choose, do not face it your neighbor's front door. Even if you want to expel evil spirits, you can take other methods. Also, do not hang a convex Bagua Mirror indoors.

Bagua Mirror Usage & Placement

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