How to Feng Shui Your Wardrobe?

Wardrobe, a big piece of furniture in bedroom, is used for storing clothes. The placement of wardrobe has a great impact on bedroom Feng Shui. The proper and well-placed wardrobe will bring you a peaceful mind. If it is placed improperly, your daily life and family happiness will be affected due to the violation of Feng Shui taboos.

Choose the Suitable Color for the Wardrobe

A bright room will bring you a good mood. If the bedroom is in poor light and ventilation, you'd better choose the wardrobe in light colors. The wardrobe shall be placed at the dark corner rather by a window or door of bedroom. In this way, the wardrobe will not keep out the light and make the bedroom even darker.

If your bedroom is well-ventilated and bathed in natural light, there will not be too many restrictions on the color of wardrobe but do not choose a wardrobe with too much inlaid reflective metal or glass.

The Wardrobe Shall Fit the Bedroom in Size

Feng Shui means a balance of Yin and Yang. While choosing a wardrobe, the bedroom size shall be taken into account. If the bedroom is not large, you'd better choose a medium-sized wardrobe. If the bedroom is oversized, the wardrobe shall also fit it in size.

The Wardrobe Shall Not Be Cluttered

The wardrobe shall not be cluttered, in a great mess or full of sundries. Since the space within wardrobe is limited and poorly ventilated, it will generate dank Qi and affect the air flow inside bedroom if it’s cluttered. Clutter can also disrupt positive energy, causing unnecessary stress and bad mood.

Feng Shui Wardrobe Placement

Best Place It on the Left of Bed
In Feng Shui, left is Yang and right is Yin, and Yang shall be higher than Yin. Therefore, the wardrobe which is higher than bed shall be placed on the left side of bed. In this way, the bedroom will have sufficient Yang and make your family thriving and wealthy.
Place It at a Corner to Ensure Bedroom Lighting and Ventilation
In general, the wardrobe shall be placed at a corner by the wall. This is a better arrangement which will minimize the impact on normal life. If it is placed by a window or door, the natural light will be kept out and the bedroom will be dark. Also, the wardrobe shall not be placed by a corridor, or it will affect the passage and separate the bedroom, causing a sense of disorder.

Keep a Certain Distance from the Bed
If the bedroom is compactly laid out, you will feel quite depressed. The wardrobe is usually tall and big, so do not make it close to your bed. Keep a certain distance between wardrobe and bed to facilitate daily life and prevent against bumping. Also, it will enlarge the space and reduce the sense of oppression.
Do Not Place It at the Head or End of Bed
Do not place the wardrobe at the head or end of your bed, especially if your bedroom is small. Otherwise, you will feel quite oppressed and very inconvenient in daily life. For the mirrored wardrobe, this principle shall be observed even more strictly, or your sleep and health will be affected seriously.
The Mirrored Wardrobe Shall Not Face a Window or Bedroom Door
While selecting a wardrobe, avoid the mirrored one. If your wardrobe has a dressing mirror, make sure it does not face the bedroom window or door. If the mirror faces the window, the light in bedroom will be in disorder and generate Qi which is bad for your family, making you always feel short-tempered and find it hard to control your mood. The mirror facing a door will reveal your privacy to the outside.
Use the Wardrobe to Separate Bedroom and Bathroom
Some bedrooms are en-suited. The bathroom in high humidity, however, will make you feel bad and affect your health. In this case, the wardrobe can be used as a separation between bedroom and bathroom, which can keep the Qi in harmony and prevent the humidity from overflowing into the bedroom.

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