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Dear master,
I am still considering to buy a free standing wardrobe. It's white in colour..The wall of my bedroom is white as well.
Could you advice if there is any 杀气 if I place the wardrobe against the wall but facing my bed.?

The wardrobe is quite big and the height of the wardrobe is almost near the ceiling.

Do you have recommendations for placement of wardrobes in bedroom?

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Hi bee,

In general, the wardrobe is auspicious to be located at the left side of the bed which will bring you good luck in wealth and health.

For other directions, if there is no mirror on the wardrobe, you could place it at the right or make it face the bed. But if you want it face your bed, there should be enough space between the bed and the wardrobe or it will make you feel oppressive.

It's also auspicious to make it against the west or north wall which make the wardrobe door open towards east or south. The sunshine coming from these two positions will make you have a good mood everyday.
Dear Master,
When you mentioned having the wardrobe placed on the left side of the bed, do you mean the left side (when I am lying on the bed) or the left side (when I am standing in front of the bed) ?

How do I check if the wardrobe is against the west or north wall using a normal compass?
It should be the left side of the bed when you are standing in front of the bed. The wall at the west or north position will be the right place for the wardrobe.
Dear Master, sorry what do you mean by the wall at west or north position? Please kindly advice.

Shall this rule overwrite the general rule of having it at the left side of the bed?

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