Feng Shui Bedroom Decoration Ideas


The bedroom shall not have too many plants since too many flowers and plants will easily gather Yin (the negative/passive/female principle in nature) and the plants absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide at night, which is harmful to your health. Therefore, it is suggested to put the plants in the room to purify the air during the day and put them on the balcony during the night. The flowers and plants shall be tied with the red ribbon to reduce Yin before taken into the room.
In general, the flowers are not suggested to be put in the bedroom as some of their fragrance will make people feel uncomfortable even get sick. You should avoid putting the following flowers in your bedroom: China rose, orchid, bauhinia flower, tuberose, tulip, oleander, hydrangea flowers, rhododendron lutescens Franch, lily and coniferous flowers, etc.


The bedroom shall not be in too bright red; otherwise it will make you excited and lead to neurasthenia. Over time, you will feel exhausted and annoyed. The bedroom shall have a relaxing atmosphere, so the colors which can make you feel quiet and comfortable are the most appropriate.

You can choose the suitable colors according to the direction of the bedroom.
East, Northeast – Green, Blue
South – light Purple, Yellow, Black
West – Pink, White, Beige, Grey
North – Grey, White, Beige, Pink, Red
Northwest – Grey, White, Pink, Yellow, Brown, Black
Southeast – Light Yellow, Rust
Southwest - Yellow, Brown
How to Use Color to Create Good Feng Shui Rooms?


The bedroom light shall not be too bright; the indirect lighting and the tunable light shall be used. The bed is a quiet place and the bright light will make you feel restless, so the bedroom shall use the soft incandescent light as much as possible. At the same time, the color of the light shall be coordinated with the interior color.


The bedroom shall have as few metal items as possible since the metal items are in cold tone which is inconsistent with the bedroom's warm atmosphere. You should try to choose the decorations without reflection effect, such as tapestry and painting with no glass. In addition, the bedroom shall avoid the decorations like sword, weapon, god statue, and spirit tablet.
On bedstands, you should avoid putting TV or sound system. Or it will affect your plan to have a baby and cause some strange illness. Table lamps or lights should not be of strange shapes. Also, the clock, wind chimes or too large or dark color paintings, shall not be hung above your bed.
Feng Shui Bedroom Paintings


There are many types of bedroom furniture. The single piece of furniture is always flexible but takes up space, so the folding or modular multifunctional furniture is preferred. Generally, the furniture color shall conform to the personal tastes, and combine with the indoor light, as well as the color and design style of the wall and the ground. The small bedroom with poor lighting shall avoid the cold tone while the large bedroom facing the sun has more choices.

Bed and Bedstand

For the bed itself, you should consider whether its length and width suit for your body and whether it is comfortable. The height of the bed shall be slightly higher than your knee and you should remember that the bed shall not stick to the ground. The bed shall be low and empty without piling sundries; otherwise it will be in poor ventilation and moistness, easily leading to backache. The bedstand shall be higher than the bed, which is beneficial to improve the sleep quality.

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