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Hello I need to know is it good or bad luck to put 2 owl statues on balcony outside in north and northwest areas looking outwards. Is it good or bad feng shui please let me know thank you 🙏.

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It's not good. Here the best places to place the owl statues?
1. Bedroom: the patron saint of the family
The bedroom is a place where people relax their body and mind, and it is also the private space of the family. Placing an owl statues in the bedroom can serve as a guardian angel to protect the family. The best placement is at the head, foot or side of the bed. These positional owls can guard our sleep and allow us to spend a peaceful night.
2. Living room: Inject cultural atmosphere
The living room is an important activity space in the family, and it also plays a role in displaying the family's cultural style. The weird owl statues in the living room will inject a literary and artistic atmosphere and have a certain decorative effect. The best place to place it is on the TV wall or next to the sofa. These positions can not only create an atmosphere of free reading, but also echo other decorations, making the entire living room scene more harmonious.
3. Study: means academic success
The study room is a place for reading and studying, and the owl is a symbol of wisdom. Placing owl statues in the study room can symbolize academic success and bless the reader's wisdom and judgment. The best place to place it is above the desk or on a bookshelf. These locations can make people feel peaceful and mysterious amidst the busy schedule of studies.
You say owls is not good for outside balcony well I definitely disagree with you on that one because it would good to have owl statues on balcony to keep the pidgins away and other birds plus it’s working it keeps them away. And I bet you are not a Feng Shui master because you are a big liar .

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