2022 Feng Shui Flying Stars

In 2022, the nine flying stars fly to the new positions from February 4, 2022. If you want to make the fortune of yourself and your family smoother, you need to take some favorable measures in the corresponding direction based on 2022 Fengshui Flying Stars Chart.


The Five Yellow Star will fly to the Central Palace in 2022. The Five Yellow Star is the most ominous star, representing accidents, bad luck, illness, injury, death and other bad things. As such, the position of the Central Palace will be inauspicious this year. If the direction and orientation of the door, bedroom, sofa and so on fall exactly in this position, it will cause all kinds of catastrophic events, resulting in damage to your health, which is not good for maintaining good health.

Fengshui Cures: In order to avoid injury, special care should be taken to improve the layout of the home, or place some white or gray ornaments to drive away the evil spirits of the Five Yellow Star, and for the daily activities, it is advised to stay away from the position of the Central Palace in your home.

In 2022, the Five Emperors’ Money (bronze coins) can be placed in this position at home to drive away the evil spirits of the Five Yellow Star, safeguard your home in peace and harmony, convert difficulties into good fortune and auspiciousness.


The Three Blue Star will fly to the due east in 2022. It is a quarrelsome star may lead to competition, lawsuit, dispute, quarrel and theft. In the living rooms of some large houses, sofas or dining tables are often placed in the due east. Such a layout will often trigger family quarrels in this area this year. However, it will be beneficial for people in special professions, such as judges, lawyers, debaters, athletes and other professions.
Feng Shui Cures: This year, you should not break ground or make decorations at the due east in your home, and green color, blue color or green plants should also be avoided. If the front door, bedroom and office are all in this location, you can place a red or purple carpet at the door to help solve the problem. In addition, it will be a year of official trouble and disputes. So, you should abide by the law and handle the documents carefully. In 2022, you may wish to hang a string of peach wood axe or sword at this position to avoid dubious talk and disputes, which will help keep your family away from the villains, work smoothly, and have a good life. 


The Four Green Star will fly to the southeast, which is the Wenchang Direction (direction of Wenchang Star) according to Feng Shui (the Chinese Geometry) in 2022. Although the Four Green Star is also the retreating star of the current luck, the Five Elements of the Four Green Star belong to wood, and the Five Elements in the southeast are also wood. This year, the five elements of the star palace are superimposed, but there is an advantage that it can improve learning, culture, official status and career, which is very beneficial to families with students.
The Wenchang Position/direction of the year will be in the southeast. You can put the desk or bed of your student child in the southeast, which can help improve their efficiency of learning, especially for the boy student in the family.
Fengshui Cures: Place four evergreen plants in the southeast to create a Feng Shui cluster of Wenchang. You can also place the Wenchang Pagoda on the table for a better effect on Wenchang Feng Shui. During this year, it is not advisable to break ground in the southeast of your home, or place red or yellow objects.


The Nine Purple Star will fly to the south of Li Palace, and the south is Feng Shui position for happy god in 2022. The Nine Purple Star is a lucky festive star, representing a variety of happy events, marriage and relationships. For example, if the south area in your home is well arranged, happy events will come to the family this year, such as marriage, popularity, engagement, breeding of children, joy, and recognition. The south side should be kept neat, clean, ventilated and with sufficient light, which will be conducive to occurrence of happy events. It is particularly fit for the mistress of the family.
Fengshui Cures: You can place the Qilin (Kylin/unicorn) ornaments in this direction/position. It will be conducive to boost the auspicious effect of the Nine Purple Star, resulting in the advent of happy events, promoting the development of career, and the prosperity of home. Improving the lighting in this area and placing a red carpet will have the effect of promoting Feng Shui.


The Two Black Star will fly to the southwest, which is a symbol of disease according to the Feng Shui (Chinese geometry) in 2022. The Two Black Star, also known as the Sickness Star, will bring illness and injury everywhere. Any residence with a seat, bed, or stove located in the Sickness position will be much more likely to deal with hospitals. It is necessary to pay close attention to the changes in your own health and that of your family members, and have a comprehensive medical checkup as early as possible to prevent any problems. The southwest area should not be piled up with debris or rubbish, and it should be kept neat and tidy.
Fengshui Cures: Air conditioners, fans, and windows located in the southwest will blow sickness air into the room. If the door, bedroom, kitchen and so on are situated exactly in the direct north, you can put a gray or white carpet in the doorway to help solve the problem. In addition, you and your family can have a health check-up to prevent illness and also imply that you have already been to the hospital. You can also make some charitable donations to accumulate good fortune for yourself and your family.


The Seven Red Star will fly to the west in 2022, which is the location of broken wealth fortune in Feng Shui in 2022. The Seven Red Star is also the retreating star of the current luck, which dominates the bad luck in loss of wealth. Therefore, the due west is not a favorable direction for the Year of the Tiger. The Seven Star represents the events of ruin, loss, gossip, drunkenness and scandal. Moreover, the west area of the house should not be stacked with all kinds of sundries, and should not be placed with knives, swords and other dangerous items, so as to avoid the bleeding disaster, injuries, family health problems.
Fengshui Cures: To solve the problems caused by the Seven Red Star, you are advised to place a black crystal ball in the west, which can better drive away the evil spirits of the Seven Red Star.


The Six White Star will fly to the northwest, which is the location for wealth luck from sideline sources according to the Feng Shui in 2022. As the Six White Star is the retreating star of the prevailing luck, there is still residual energy compared to the Eight Luck Star. And the Six White Star rules the luck in wealth and official promotion. Therefore, this year, the northwest location will be favorable to promote wealth accumulation.
If sundries and debris are piled in the northwest chaotically, the luck of the owner will be easy to decline this year, and especially for people engaged in technology, real estate, mining, agriculture and other industries, this trend will be more obvious. If the seat or bed is in the northwest, you should change its orientation when conditions permit. Otherwise, in this Feng Shui environment, both work and life, will be prone to some lowly mistakes, causing minor trouble. So, you should be careful not put to red products in the northwest.
Fengshui Cures: If you want to promote the Feng Shui of the Central Palace position, you can place a treasure pot in this position to promote auspiciousness fortune of the Six White Star, which will enhance the financial luck and promote the prosperity of wealth.


The One White Star will fly to the due north, which is the position of luck in romance and relationship in 2022.
If you want to find someone you like, you can place a photo of your favorite celebrity on the romance-lucky position at home and put a lucky Feng Shui mascot, then your luck in romance and relationship will proper soon. Married families need to pay attention to dissolving this Feng Shui atmosphere and avoid extra-marital affairs. It is especially bad for the eldest daughter and young housewife in the family. Pregnant families need to pay attention to protecting the fetus, and unmarried men and women need to avoid out-of-wedlock pregnancies. For those who are involved in sales industries and need to deal with people, they should take advantage of the due north direction of the home. If you can promote prosperity in this direction, it will help improve performance and harmony in interpersonal relationships. 
Fengshui Cures: No pile of debris and garbage in the due north position, keep it neat and tidy.


The Eight White Star will fly to the northeast, which is the favorable position for obtaining wealth from full-time business in 2022 according to the Feng Shui (the Chinese geometry). The Eight White Star is beneficial for promotion in career and wealth, etc. The Eight White Star belongs to earth in the Five Elements. In the eight lucky stars of the Feng Shui, it is considered the lucky star for boosting the financial luck.  
Fengshui Cures: It is appropriate to set the door, windows, seats, bed, and stove in the northeast. If the main gate, bedroom and office are located in this position, red or purple carpets can be placed at the door to help promote the prosperity and luck.

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