2015 Horoscope for the Pig

Years of the Pig: 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007. You can verify your zodiac sign by using the above 'Find Your Zodiac' tool.

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Following are 2015 horoscope predictions for the Pig born in different years.

Horoscope for the Pig People born in 1947

Please note that the prediction is for people born between January 22, 1947 and February 9, 1948. If you were born before January 22, 1947, please consult the 1946 Chinese Zodiac, which is year of the Dog.

In physics, the Pig people born in 1947 would be good in general. However, you should pay more regard to the safety on the roads. During the lunar months of April and July, beware of marine risk. Don’t neglect some minor illness this year, such as sniffles and coughs. You may suffer from bronchitis if you don’t treat seriously. Less smoke and liquor as well as a light diet are suggest. In family, your children and grandchildren are very filial and always accompany you. So, your life will be comforting and happy. In finance, 2015 is a fortunate year for you. You can get perfect income if you handle your money well. The later year would be auspicious to invest. 

Horoscope for the Pig People born in 1959

Note: The prediction is for people born between February 8, 1959 and January 27, 1960.

In career, the Pig people born in 1959 could get great help from others in 2015. If grasping the good chances, you may get promoted and improved in social status. During your work, avoid those who tell tales and pay attention to the details when dealing with contracts or documents in case of causing any lawsuit. In wealth, for those who don’t have stable incomes, you should manage your financial plan better to avoid unnecessary expenses. For those who have stable works, you are lucky to get increased income. In love aspect, there would be someone intervenes your life which will make you in an agony. Make your decision immediately instead of sloppily or you will be restless in life. A people under the animal sign of the Rooster may help you go through the difficult period in 2015. In terms of health, you will have no big problems but be plagued by a series of minor illnesses such as catching a cold or having a cough. Therefore, you are suggested to eat some proper food to nourish your bodies so as not to suffer from the bronchitis.

Horoscope for the Pig People born in 1971

Note: The prediction is for people born between January 26, 1971 and February 24, 1972.

On the whole, the Pig people born in 1971 would enjoy a good fortune in 2015, which is the year of Sheep. For businessmen, it’s a good year to get more confidence from customers which could help your business grow. As long as you visit customers periodically and treat them with sincerity, you will have a harvest year. The working-classes will have chances to get a salary raise benefited from your hard work. In career, you are good at teamwork and could gain recognition from your boss. As you are popular in your office and accomplished, it’s easy to be envied by others. Behave yourself and avoid flattering yourself. As your career is stable this year, you’d better not plan a job hopping. The couples would live in marital harmony in 2015. To g out for a travel would be more helpful to your relationship. The singles will be lucky to find your desirable partners from your friends or colleagues around. In health, don’t over exacting in work in case of getting ill in spirit. Avoid gastrointestinal and skin diseases this year. Leading a regular life and watch your diet, your health will not be a problem in 2015. In addition, the drivers should abide the traffic regulation well and never drive after drinking.


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Horoscope for the Pig People born in 1983

Note: The prediction is for people born between February 13, 1983 and February 1, 1984.

In career, the Pig born in 1983 could receive good marks on job performance in 2015. You will have promotion opportunities. However, there may some villains destroying your career. Have an excellent discrimination and acute insight when dealing with things would help you to be promoted to an ideal position. The financial aspect will be average. You may lose some money for traffic fine. In this year, you are suggested to deposit your money in the bank and use your money in a good plan. In terms of love relationship, you will be lucky in 2015. Notice the people around you, you may find a proper one to start your love life. For those married, your mutual understanding would be helpful to maintain a happy life. You will be physically good in 2015. Yet, you may have a violent mood fluctuation. To have the law of rest, proper exercise and a balanced diet are musts. In daily life, to have more food with crude fiber would a good help to keep you healthy. When seasons change, be sure to keep warm.


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Horoscope for the Pig People born in 1995

Note: The prediction is for people born between January 31, 1995 and February 18, 1996.

For you Pig people born in 1995, you will be good in career and study fields. There's no gain without pain. You are likely to be promoted in work as you always work diligently. To the Pig people born in winter season of 1995, you would be luckier in terms of finance. In love relationship, the females are worse than the male. As you always have a high requirement to your partner that causes him difficult to accept, you are easy to depart. Nobody is perfect. Try to adjust your state of mind and learn to control your irritable mood would be helpful. For the male pig, it’s a year to you should pay more attention in work than love. You may have a weak health condition this year. So, drink less and do more physical exercises.


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Horoscope for the Pig People born in 2007

Note: The prediction is for people born between February 18, 2007 and February 6, 2008.

The youngsters born in 2007 would have high academic ability. They will show great interests in many things. So, the parents are suggested to enroll them in some interest classes to explore more potential of them. At the same time, they will be under great pressure in 2015. So, the parents should give more time to them to relax. In daily life, they’d better avoid eating cold food or seafood in case of causing any allergic reactions. They should also pay great attention to their teeth problem.

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