i lost job in jan 2016, will i have a job this year 2017 , if so when ?

Asked by t***d | 4/26/2017 12:56:05 AM

I am a wood dragon born on Nov 9, 1964.

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J***k 4/26/2017 3:01:14 AM

Hi ted,

You will have a job in this year. 2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster 'Ding You' (丁酉) in Chinese zodiac. For you born in 1964 under the animal sign of Dragon, your earthly branch 'Chen' (辰) will be compatible with the earthly branch 'You' (酉) of Rooster. In addition, the heavenly stem 'Ding Huo' (丁火) of the year will mutually promote with your heavenly stem 'Jia Mu' (甲木). So, you will have a stably improved fortune in 2017.

You may get the job at the second half of the year.

t***d 4/26/2017 12:23:36 PM

Thank you so much, my house is at stake right now due to no work , will you able to tell me if I can keep it ?

J*** 4/27/2017 1:59:44 AM

After you get work this year, you can keep it.

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