Which Hand to Read for Male and Female in Palmistry?

For many people, the first problem encountered in reading palm is which hand to read, left or right, and what difference it makes. In the earliest palmistry, there was no left or right problem. Under the impact of ''men are superior to women'' in ancient Chinese traditional culture, however, the standard of ''right for female and left for male'' was developed in the palm reading by fortunetellers. Then, which is the exact hand to read in palmistry, left or right? In fact, there are many matters to be noticed in palm reading. People's two palms are similar yet not same. In palmistry, strict rules are to be observed in reading left or right hand. Otherwise, the prediction can be wrong.

Which Hand to Read: Both Left and Right Hands

Meanings of left and right hands in palmistry: in palm reading, left is inborn and right is acquired, which means the left hand represents your inborn fate while the right hand represents your destiny affected by the acquired environment. The principle reflects the saying of ''people's fate are governed by God while fortune created by themselves''. In other words, the reading of right palm is dominant, accounting for about eighty percent while the left is passive, accounting for about twenty percent. Therefore, the right hand shall be regarded as the principal while the left supportive in palm reading.
For most of people, the left and right palms are generally symmetrical, so it is not a problem to read left or right hand. But as explained above, the right hand shall play a leading role in palm reading while the left for marking up or down. It is almost impossible for people to have the exactly same right and left hands and it is normal to see the minor differences. To correctly tell the destiny thru palmistry, the key issue is making the right dominant and the left passive.

Should It ''Right for Female and Left for Male'' in Palm Reading? No.

The concept of ''right for female and left for male'' is actually a product of ancient Chinese idea of ''men are superior to women''. Traditionally, left represents father and male while right symbolizes mother and female. Hence, left hand represents male while right hand represents female in ancient Chinese palm reading. However, this is an inaccurate argument because both hands value in palm reading.

Other Popular Wrong Ideas:

1) While telling the lifelong fortune, left hand shall be the primary one for males less than 30 years old and right for those over 30 years old, because left is inborn and right is acquired.
2) For females, right hand shall be the primary one if less than 30 years old and left for over 30 years old. For a married woman, the left hand also tells the fortune of her husband. 

Left and Right Hand Differences in Palmistry

If you have extremely varied left and right palms, it means you are of complex personality, changeful fortune and service spirit. Also, you are very adaptable to changes in environment and always can find your own way in the life full of ups and downs.
If your left and right palms are similar, it means you are simple, optimistic, genuine, upright and incapable of telling lies. You are not scheming and can face life with an honest character.
Since human beings are both inborn and acquired, it is not definite to tell your fortune simply by left or right hand. But what is certain is that you can motivate yourself with the better one and take it as your life goal. For the other one, you may take it as an alert for self-cultivation. Then, it will be improved one day.

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