Meanings of Spot or Moles on Heart Line

A mole at the fore part of heart line suggests troubled love in the previous life and better love in this life. And you will have a better marriage and filial children. All the sufferings in the previous life will become a sort of accumulation and cultivation for this life.
A mole in the middle and rear part of heart line reminds you not to readily trust the fine words of your boyfriend or girlfriend, or you will lose money because of love and even find a barrier in life. Once you choose the right one you will marry better than the average, and your family can make money much more easily as profits will pour in from all sides.
Besides, a mole on heart line is believed to be the mark of promise with your lover in the previous life about love in this life. In the previous life, you loved each other so much that you made a promise to fall in love again in this life. To find each other, you appointed to meet each other with the mole on palm. If the mole on your right palm coincides with that on someone's left palm, then he/she must be the one you are waiting for.

A Mole below the Little Finger

A mole on heart line below the little finger suggests you have an exceptional ability in studies and you can make great achievements in research. But in love relationship, you may live a lonely life. Such a mole indicates you are very smart and will suddenly open your heart at a certain age. In general, you are very concerned about your areas of interest and study hard. Thanks to your extreme studies, you can easily become one of the best in a certain field. But sometimes you may lose sleep easily, indulge in research work, take no interest in other things, lack patience in love relationship and lead a lonely life.

A Mole below the Ring Finger

A mole below the ring finger indicates you can be insatiable and become increasingly greedy especially in love and personal interests, which will get more and more intense and indelible. This kind of mole often appears in middle age, implying the failure of marriage. If you want to better yourself, you must concentrate on mending your ways. Sometimes this is a good way to raise your sense of happiness and improve your luck.

A Mole below the Middle Finger

If the mole on heart line is right below your middle finger, then your character will be extremely affected by the reality. Your emotional life will change a lot, and you tend to be materialistic. For example, you will give priority to material matters when choosing a mate. Or you can be vulnerable to setbacks and find it hard to find true love. With such a mole, you should change your mind and give first priority to character, sense of responsibility and love while choosing a spouse.

Many Moles on Heart Line

Generally speaking, it is unlikely to for one to have two or more moles on heart line. If you do have two or more moles on heart line, they must have emerged in your adult life, as you have been nervous due to the hardships in your career or life. Several moles on heart line suggest you are prone to breakdown and delusion, and often suffer from neurasthenia and even mental illness in life. You are liable to mental illness in the long run and need to talk with your family or friends frequently to get rid of depression.

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