Solutions for Negative Feng Shui Forms Caused by Surroundings

Solutions for Negative Feng Shui Forms Caused by Surroundings

1. Gate Facing an Upward Slope
If your house is at the end of a slope and your gate is facing it, the situation will be bad. In Feng Shui, slope belongs to water which symbolizes wealth. But the direct and steady flow of ''water'' into your house will lead to disaster. 
Cures and remedies:
Build steps at your gate to mitigate the flow, and then it will not cause disasters. Remember that the steps shall be in singular number, such as three or five. 
2. Gate Facing a Downward Slope
If your house faces a downward slope, it will cause inconvenience in life, money losses and accidental disasters. 
Cures and remedies:
(1) Alter the slope and form a piece of level land in front of the gate. 
(2) Put a string of five, six or ten-emperor coins under your threshold or door mat.
3. Gate/Front Door Facing a Lamp/Utility Pole or Tall Tree
If your door of window faces a lamp/utility pole, tall tree or traffic sign, it will lead to unstable family fortune, trouble of vile character, rebellious children and disasters of blood. 
Nowadays, buildings are often high-rise. In terms of Feng Shui, those living on 1st to 5th floor are more likely to suffer from this since their apartments are often blocked by lamp pole or tall tree.
Cures and remedies:
(1) If it is unfeasible to move away the lamp/utility pole or tall tree, you can hand a bead curtain or place a screen to solve the problem. 
(2) Put a blessed copper Pi Xiu on either side of the door or window and keep their heads facing the amp/utility pole or tall tree. 
4. Door/Window Facing the Narrow Interspace between Two Buildings
If your front door, balcony or window faces the narrow interspace between two buildings, you will suffer from poor health, illness and even disasters of blood. 
Cures and remedies:
(1) If it is the gate/front door, you may put a screen indoor or plant a row of trees in front of your house. 
(2) If it is the balcony, you may put narrow-leaf plants, such as cactus and euphorbiaceae, to ward off the evil spirits.
5. Water Flowing behind House
If there is water flowing behind your house, you will have unstable fortune and fail to accumulate wealth. 
Cures and remedies:
If there is a door or window at the waterfront, you may place a Bagua mirror there to take in wealth. 
6. Bad Sound and Solutions
Noise and sound enough to wake the dead are bad sound in Feng Shui. For example, if your house is close to a construction site or KTV, you will suffer from it mentally and it is difficult to cure, especially when it is in southwest. 
Cures and remedies:
(1) Keep your windows closed as far as possible or choose thicker glass with better acoustic insulation. 
(2) Hang a blessed copper gourd or two Kylin chimes at door or window to absorb and ward off evil spirits. 
7. Bad Odor and Solutions
If your house is next to the drainage ditch, rubbish station or factory discharging dirty air or if there is serious lampblack, toilet stink or mildewed clothes or bed sheets at home, you are suffering from bad odor, which will affect the health and work of your family members. 
Cures and remedies:
(1) Use essential oils suitable for your space to enjoy good quality air and improve your fortune. Also, you may purify your home with sandalwood. 
(2) Clean the stinking ditch or put more air purifying plants if it is impractical to clean in a short time. 

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