Are Hairy Moles Good or Bad?

Some people have moles with thick and black hair which look quite unsightly. Why do moles grow black hairs? Is it good to have a mole with hair in mole reading? What do the hairy moles imply in Chinese face reading? Is it bad to pluck a hair from a mole? Let's read and figure it out now. 

Why Do Moles Grow Black Hairs?

Medically, mole is known as nevus cell or melanocytic nevus, which is caused by an increase of melanocytes in the epidermis and dermis. The mole, by nature, is caused by cell variability in a certain part of body where the cells feature sufficient nutrients and fast metabolism, and make the hair grow particularly long and thick. For some people, the hair in mole is very long and grows pretty fast but this is not the case for everyone. If your hair in mole is particularly long, then you should be thankful, because the mole with long hair is less prone to cancer!

What Does a Hairy Mole Mean?

Hairy Moles from the Perspective of Chinese Mole Reading
From the perspective of Chinese mole reading, moles with hair are mostly live and auspicious and imply wealth and good luck. People with such a mole are considered blessed and will be wealthy and prestigious. Also, the mole with hair suggests the body part is in sound health. The life of such people is relatively smooth and they easily can get help from others. A mole with hair is just like a mountain with flora and it is quite wonderful. Those with such moles can be wealthy and educated. A mole with hair on the face is called the "landlord mole" which suggests wealth and the hair shall never be plucked, or the good luck will be ruined and it will be unable to gather money. For men, the hair can not be cut but for women, the showed up part can be cut.
Hairy Moles on Eyebrow
Moles on eyebrow, called ''hidden pearls'' in face reading, are auspicious and live moles which can bring good luck and money. A mole with hair on eyebrow is the icing on the cake and indicates that the person is smart, quick-witted, good at managing money, and burning with a fierce ambition and will accomplish something great if given some time. For men, a mole with hair on eyebrow suggests a smooth career while for women it suggests good luck to their husband and children.
Hairy Moles on Lip
Those with a mole around mouth can be glib-tongued, articulate and quick-witted and they usually have their own compelling insights no matter what the topic is. A mole with hair on lip suggests persuasive powers and high emotional intelligence; people with such a mole know what to say on every occasion, making others feel so good to listen. Therefore, they enjoy a great popularity, and often get help from others.
Hairy Moles on Nose
In facial reading, nose is called Wealth House and a mole with hair on this part suggests a lot of income and savings and every effort will be rewarded. People with a mellow and full apex and big nose wings will be rich, well-fed and helped by many people, have a great career and get pretty good luck for wealth. However, they can be less lucky in love, suffer a lot in marriage and encounter the vile characters or be used by others in love, which is quite annoying. As a result, they are suggested to get married late as an early marriage can lead to love dispute or financial crisis and the ill-matching can even cause family feud or alienation. On the contrary, a late marriage will bring good luck for wealth and mutual help and support. 
Hairy Moles on Chest
A mole on chest indicates grand goals and ambitions and people with such a mole can co-ordinate all parties and strategize. The mole with hair on chest means the person can take action and succeed. Such people usually feature excellent execution, explosiveness, self-control, willpower, and endurance and they can succeed in doing great things. However, it is so easy for them to succeed that they can be sometimes proud and feel superior to other people. Those who are truly successful must be low-key and tolerant as a normal heart leads to good luck.
Hairy Moles on Sole
People with a mole on sole are ready to realize their aspiration anywhere, go after freedom and hate to be fettered. Despite the blessing and good luck, they can be indecisive, believe in others readily and like to share results with others. The longer the hair on mole is, the better-off the person will be. Even if they make less money, they can save a lot and get plenty of help to accomplish a great career.

Is It Bad to Pluck a Hair from A Mole?

Though a mole with hair on face can be rather unsightly in daily life, it can be cut but never be plucked out or touched frequently, or too much stimulation will lead to canceration. Special attention should be paid if there is a spider-like change around the mole or if it is festered and grows quickly in a short period of time. The hair removal is not suggested, or the mole will be stimulated. Such a lucky mole is not possessed by everyone and it deserves careful protection, otherwise the good luck will sneak away!