Moles on Men's Face

Forehead Moles

Forehead mole is an implication of family affection and overall luck.
1. If the mole is red, it is an auspicious sign which indicates the man is independent, indifferent to kinship, more likely to make great achievements in career and keen on the free life. If the mole is deep black, it suggests the man is full of confidence and can always succeed out of personal efforts but not suitable to form a partnership with others, or he may forget friendship for profit.
2. Short tempered and often get angry.
3. Bad luck to father.
4. Like to be an official, climb up in the officialdom and have certain ability to play politics.
5. Fond of public affairs and like to get involved in activities with others.
6. A sign of millionaire if it is in good color.
7. Highly auspicious if it is red.
8. No family, rush about all year round and may die in a strange land.
9. Luck for wealth, talent in business and can get rich if it is red.
10. Prone to life risks in mountain climbing and risky activities. Reduce going out as far as possible and better work at home.
11. Bad sign of an uncommunicative and eccentric disposition. May commit suicide.
12. A successful official career and a sign of getting rich if it is in good color.

Eyebrow and Cheek Moles

For men, the eyebrow and cheek moles indicate the career.
13. The successful official career if it is red; the failure caused by making a lot of enemies if it is black.
14. Spend extravagantly and a sign of giving away money.
15. Be an official if it is red.
16. Born to be brutal.
17. Highly auspicious if it is bright and red, suitable to be an official.
18. Well off if it is red.
19. Ruthless.
20. Prone to ill luck, especially the accident with fire and water.
21. An inauspicious sign of fierce and brutal people.
22. Good luck for official career if it is red.
23. Fierce and prone to personal financial losses.
24. A dilapidated sign of inexorable dooms.
25. Evil.
26. Evil.
27. Bad luck to son.
28. Bad luck to father.
29. Bad luck to wife and children. Rush about for children in the whole life. Amorous, suffer setbacks in love relationship, often get hurt from love but get good results out of the good personality. Violent and usually argue with others in life and career. Control the mood well, the good results can be expected.
30. Bad luck to daughter.
31. Seldom female descendants. Prone to get into troubles because of lust and favor.
32. Bad luck to son.
33. Auspicious yet cunning.
34. Destructive. Prone to ruin the family and lose the property.

Lip and Chin Moles

In face reading, the mole on upper lip is usually regarded as a sign of good luck, which suggests the comfortable life. The mole around the chin often indicates the field, foundation, house and servant. A good mole here symbolizes the man will purchase a magnificent residence, land and other real estate in old age. On the other hand, it suggests a good taste in life.
35. Prone to accident with water.
36. Prone to accident with water.
37. Limited wealth.
38. No worry about food and clothing.
39. Have gourmet's luck, enjoy food and drink all the life but have weak relationship with children in old age and live a lonely life.
40. Few land and house in life.
41. Lifetime poverty and prone to starve to death.
42. Back luck to subordinates.
43. Long-tongued and make mischief.
44. More likely to make a fortune and get unexpected money in other places.
45. A rich sign of great wealth.
46. Auspicious.

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